What to Know About Our Product Delivery Date For Virtuemart 2xx?

For any Virtuemart shop owner who wants to set up delivery date for example day/month/year as well as delivery time/location for such products as food, flower, bakery, gift, etc), our Virtuemart extension is just right for you. It is a Joomla plugin but works exclusively for Virtuemart.

After installing the plugin like a normal Joomla extension, you will activate the plugin. Thus, shoppers can choose delivery date, delivery time and delivery location which are in the dropdown list during their checkout process.

How does our Product Delivery Date for Virtuemart works?

  • Shoppers select the delivery date in a calendar widow on the checkout page
  • Shoppers select delivery location in the time/location list which you can change if needed
  • Shoppers don’t have to login the website but they still can choose delivery date and delivery location
  • Administrators can see delivery date required by a customer on the order.
  • Delivery date will be displayed on the email of order confirmation
  • This plugin saves delivery date/time in Virtuemart’s order database.


With our Product Delivery Date for Virtuemart, you don’t need to edit Virtuemart code. You can update Virtuemart anytime you want. This plugin is compatible with Joomla 2.5.x and Virtuemart 2.x.x.

We welcome our customers’ requests for us to develop more functions on your Virtuemart site. Please send your emails to huy@netbase.vn 

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