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Visitors can sign up and log in your site via their Facebook account.

Any online store owners wish to increase the number of customers visiting their site as much as possible. However, this is not easy. Sometimes, they wonder that their high - quality products, excellent service, suitable prices but the accounts of buyers are not as they expected. One of the main causes found out is the registration process. Indeed, Customer sometimes complain that they meet difficulties with signing up and logging in their account. They feef uncomfortable to continue that process and log out it. As a result, owners will lose many potential customers.

So before this problem, Magento Facebook login Extension is really useful for you. Extension allows customers to use their facebook account to log in Magento store. After log in, an user will be automatically created, customers only change password and they have a magento account on the site without using the default form of Magento.

  • Signup and login through Facebook account

    This extension allows customers to log in through Facebook account easily and quickly in just 2 clicks!

  • Auto send email to user

    After users login via Facebook, they will be automatically received a welcome email from the Magento store’s administrator

  • Connect with Facebook

    Facebook Login Magento extension allows visitors to login your Magento store purchasing products by their Facebook accounts. No need to register new account, customers can use their Facebook accounts to sign up without other information required


  • Signup and login through Facebook account

    If visitors log in Facebook on any browser like Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera and at the same time they are shopping on your Magento store, just click on “connect with Facebook” on your site, immediately the visitor becomes a member of your Magento site.

    If a visitor is not being on Facebook, he just clicks on “connect with Facebook” via Facebook icon on the login part, a window of Facebook login appears, entering his Facebook account then he will be logged in your Magento store successfully.


  • User profile will be created and stored in your Magento users database

    Whoever doesn’t have an account in your Magento site that for the first time they login with Facebook account, a new user profile will be created and stored in your Magento users database.


  • Admin can configuration in Back-end

    Admin can enable or disable Facebook Login features. The default is as a disabled function, so you need to enable it.


Change log

Updated: 2014-09-08

Compatible with Magento CE 1.5.x - 1.9.x

Some of happy customer

Product Reviews (2)

peterd Submited: May 8, 2014

Extension allow quick and easy register and login with Facebook account without hassle. Developer providing excelent support.
Highly recommended.

Alan Fros Submited: February 14, 2014

This extension is very good, light and very functional, very liked to have bought it. Recommend to all who seek an extension to connect the facebook store.
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