Refund Policy

Users may come here to read the refund policy before making a purchase or after. At first, CMSMART thanks customers for their interests in products.

To make sure the cmsmart staff and customers have a good negotiation before a client claims a refund, here are some rules:

A. A customer can get full refund if:

The customer has never downloaded the item bought. As the system records their download times, so there will be a clear proof relating to this matter.

B. Here are what required by customers and developers to be compliant with

Once customers downloaded the item, they must accept a truth that, under any condition (except for point A), CMSMART shall issue a customer 50% refund of the purchase.

In order to get a 50% refund, here's what customers need to work with the cmsmart team:

1. Register an account at the support center

2. Submit a ticket, providing them cpanel (your hosting account), ftp account and admin
account of your website.

3. The cmsmart team has to respond a customer's ticket in 24 hours.

Please follow the ticket in a constructive way. There will be a person in charge who follows the process of handling tickets.

If the customer is not be pleasant to work with the team, the representative has rights to protect the seller (cmsmart).

In contrast, if the developers staff do not resolve the issue of the customer in 3 days, the representative must issue a refund to the customer, assuming that it is not a custom job .

If the issue is considered to be a customization, please being aware of paying the fee to fix the problem beforehand.


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