Quicklook plugin for Virtuemart product Exclusive

Want an instant preview of a Virtuemart product on the listing page, then you should install “Product Quicklook for Virtuemart plugin” on your site.

Many shoppers want to take a quick look at the product details when they are browsing on the product listing page.

The Quicklook Virtuemart extension will not only reduces their shopping time but it also brings a convenient shopping experience. That's why your Virtuemart website should include this function.

On Cmsmart.net, we've developed excellent Virtuemart templates to work with your Joomla templates as well as keep current Virtuemart modules safe. The Quicklook functionality is a Virtuemart plugin, so you can install it into your current Virtuemart website and have a Quicklook feature immediately.

  • Quick Look option from Product Listing Pages

    When you hover cursor over image quick look button will appear and you can review product without go to product page detail

  • Instant add product to cart

    No need go to product page your customer can add product to cart

  • Ability to enable/disable Quick Look

    Admin can enable/disable quick look plugin

  • Ability to specify pop-up window size

    Admin can customize pop-up window size

  • Preview the product page on the category page.

    The Quick look extension gives store visitors ability to preview the product page on the category page. Just hover mouse cursor over product image "Quick View" button will appear click on the button to view product page in a pop-up window.

  • Zoom effect.

    Zoom Effect is intergrated on Quickview Extension gives you Nice zoom effect to main picture and additional pictures pop-up quick look.

  • Full product information on pop-up quick look.

    With a small pop-up your customer can easy review all information about product: images, customer review, description, price, message from owner also they can add product to cart if they love it

  • Easily customize pop-up content.

    Admin can easy customize quick look pop-up content:
    - Show Rating Yes/No
    - Show Prices Yes/No
    - Show Custom Fields Yes/No
    - Show Cart Yes/No
    - Show PDF, Email, "Print" icon Yes/No

  • Easily customize pop-up size.

    Admin can easy customize pop-up size suitable with your store

  • Easily customize quick look button style.

    Admin can easy customize quick look button style:
    - Background color
    - Text color
    - Text content
    - Button position
    - Effect

Change log

Updated: 2014-09-26

+ Compatible with Joomla 2.5.x and VM 2.6.x

+ Add link of icon quicklook configuration

+ Add custom configuration in admin panel

Updated: 2014-09-08

1. Fix bugs

# Fix "add to cart" errors on the quick view window

# Fix problems of the quick view when moving pages

# Fix Zoom effects for sharper images

# Fix the layouts more neatly

# Clean codes

2. Updates

+ Customize the width of popup quick view

+ Customize the height of popup quick view

+ Customize the text color of quick view

+ Customize the link color of quick view

+ Customize the title color of quick view

+ Change the font size of quick view

+ Change the background color of quick view

+ Positions of button quick view: top/ left

+ Enable JQuery library if the website does not have

+ Enable color JQuery library if the website does not have

+ Choose yes or no to display the "detail" tab

+ Choose yes or no to display the "review" tab

Some of happy customer

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Mark Submited: September 5, 2013

I've been using this plugin for few months. The features of this plugin are simply awesome. As I'm a beginner it is easy to handle successfully every requirement with this extension. Really it is very helpful. Thanks to the developers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I translate these extensions into other languages like Spanish, Chinese... ?

Yes, post your question on our forum so developer team can help to indicate where to update or change the languages to suite your need. Virtuemart and Joomla support international languages, please find your languages packages for Virtuemart and for Joomla here.

Does this Extension compatible with latest Virtuemart & Joomla version?

Some of our Virtuemart extensions are compatible with Virtuemart 2.x.x and Joomla 3.x. We are updating to make sure that all Virtuemart extensions will be compatible with latest Virtuemart and Joomla version.

Can I customize extensions to suite my need?

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Can I download the update of new version?

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How do i find if my product has been updated or a new version is released?

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I do not have a Paypal account. Do you support other payment methods?

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