10 Tips To Remember When Creating Responsive Design

Responsive design is a word that is no stranger to the web developer, web designers. However, when we’re creating a responsive theme / template, we also need to pay attention to some things

In this article I will introduce you an infographic collection about 10 tips to remember when creating responsive design.

10-tips-to-create-responsive-design 10-tips-to-create-responsive-design21. Keep your layout simple10-tips-to-create-responsive-design32. Use media queries 10-tips-to-create-responsive-design43. Define the breakpoints 10-tips-to-create-responsive-design54. Make your layout flexible 10-tips-to-create-responsive-design65. Make your pictures behave 10-tips-to-create-responsive-design76. Don’t forget Max & Min 10-tips-to-create-responsive-design87. Make most things relative 10-tips-to-create-responsive-design98. When mobile, linearize 10-tips-to-create-responsive-design109. Skip the non essential 10-tips-to-create-responsive-design1110. Check your meta viewport 10-tips-to-create-responsive-design12

Source Images: Pinterest.Com

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