6+ Trends of Magento site Design for 2016

It is undeniable that Magento always stands out among e-Commerce platforms for various reasons. Especially, the version 2 of Magento is the most remarkable point of the last year 2015. Thanks for the foundation of innovative techniques of this latest version; Magento websites have undergone a bigger change. The change of Magento store does not include additional extension but also template. Thus, for this 2016 Magento website will have certain trends of the design, following the development of e-Commerce trend and the version 2 of Magento platform.

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The normal interface of each Magento template belongs to the color scheme with strong contrast among them, for example dark and with, red and blue. At the same time, designers add many nice images to their Homepage as well as the Product page to attract their visitors.

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For 2016, the design of Magento template has little changed. Magento templates focus on the user-friendly interface, simple but convenient and effective theme, adjustable with Mobile interface and modern styles right in the page. These main trends of Magento store will be listed as 6+, making your site more attractive and stand out other competitors as the result.

  1. Friendly and Common User Interface Design

The common and friendly design is for customers to easily navigate and search for their products that they are trying to find from your site. Actually, Magento 2 with supportive features of CSS3; PHP, Bootstrap make this task simpler than ever. Instead of that, developers as well as web-site owner focus on creating a responsive look responding two possible impacts on e-commerce designs.

Firstly, page designs are variations on a theme and not dramatically different layouts. Secondly, shoppers are possible to find the similarities between sites to have easy navigation and using. It will be better when your design pattern is compatible with mobile devices because mobile e-commerce is increasingly developing now.

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  1. Card and Card-like layouts

As you may know, a card will include images, text, and other resources associated with a single topic. Thus, when your products or content can be shown through individual card, shoppers can be attracted and impress them at the first sight. Besides, the card-layouts or cards are easier for them to understand what your product is and how it looks. This trend is highly appropriated and becomes more prevalent in Magento store design in this year.

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  1. Pop-ups performance

Pop-ups are an ideal tool for you to add a lot of features in hope of giving the best user-experience to your customers. Also, as the old e-commerce, pop-ups were used for store-owners to make advertisement campaigns. This is also true for the new trend of Magento design.

For example, when you allow your customers to select multiple options in a range of price of a product, you add the Price Matrix extension. When a customer clicks on the product, it will show a pop-up of the price matrix for you to opt as below:

trends design5.jpg

  1. Image sliders with Large photography

With the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, you create more large photography with image sliders not only catch your customers’ eyes at the first sight but also show details of your products. When looking at the product page, you can see different types, designs or color of the products you are finding. Thus, shopper’s options can change or increase when they love more types of a product. This trend has never lost before until now. The banner sliders or image sliders are created right on the Product page of each product, different from the last design which just add them on the Home page.

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  1. Product Video

As the prediction of lots of e-commerce experts, Product video will be the trendiest style for the Marketing content in 2016. Therefore, this will be very necessary for each design of Magento store. Thanks for product videos, you can introduce your products, how to use them, how people say about them and more. Besides, videos will increase the number of appearances of your products through the Google search through YouTube…

As the result, SEO of your store will be improved much. Obviously, using product videos is a marvel solution for any site to boost their sales as well as traffic. It is very simple by installing the Magento Product Video extension to your site. You just create a template containing this function and add videos of products on the product page as the example below:

trends design7.jpg

  1. Dynamic Views

JavaScript and Ajax will allow your Magento store to utilize this impression. You display your products or list them through dynamic views. Therefore, whenever your shoppers make a change to an option of purchase, the browser contacts the server and gets a new static page.

trends design8.jpg

     7. Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling is not new anymore. However, this is still trendy for this year because it is based on the foundation of Ajax/jQuery techniques and advancements of CSS/JavaScript that are improved in the Magento version 2 for the complete fundamentals.

Moreover, this way reduces the loading time and information that is presented in a storytelling format, rather than enhancing user engagement. It is another way for customers to get easier when navigating your store, in turn; it will increase your chances of conquering your customers to the purchase.

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  1. Last but not less Important: Responsive design

A responsive design is compatible with different interfaces, especially mobile devices. Mobile e-commerce is becoming as the boom over the world. Everyone is totally possible to surf the internet and enjoy your website right on their mobile phone, through internet connection function. Thus, when you have your Magento design adjusted to the Mobile devices or Table and more, you are increasing chances of generating profit of your business.

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In order to make you have an overall view of these trends, you can click on this link to enjoy the responsive work Magento Printing Website Theme – created for web-print stores which require much unique style but modern design. This is the latest version of CMSmart store – Magento theme market in this year, catching up with the trend for the whole of design.

In any fields, following the certain trends means that you are going to the success. Thus, don’t leave these trendy points of your Magento store and make your site completed for the last target: Customers and Revenue and more.  

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