Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP Is It Right For Your WordPress Website?

Experience Predominately faster learning than traditional approaches

Accelerated mobile pages are commonly known as an open source framework that fastens and even doubles the rate at which random mobile pages load. The framework efficiently allows everyone reading your engaging content on their mobile devices to read it in quicker manner. This in-turn tremendously increases the number of audience reading your content. The framework also increases the actual loading speeds of the websites by efficiently stripping out the elements, which generally cause all the web pages to load in slower manner on mobile devices. These elements may include third-party scripts and efficient JavaScript.


Enhance your browsing experience

Best method to optimize loading times:

There are millions of wonderful tricks & tools one can apply to optimize their loading times for their mobile devices. But I think, the AMP Project is one of the most ambitious & promising methods that aims to tackle several important issues. And establish fundamental design guidelines to make the web pages as accessible as possible.


Today I am going to talk a bit about its significance, basic guidelines, its usage and creation of AMP pages using word press.

AMP Project; Instant, Everywhere!

All those who prefer to read on the mobile web feels that it’s a clunky and frustrating thing, but I think it shouldn’t have to be that way! AMP is basically an open source page initiative that specifically incorporates the vision that all the publishers easily create mobile optimized engaging content, which is required to load everywhere, easily!


Fast browsing, everywhere, every time!

What makes AMP fast?

AMP is basically somewhat like a diet HTML. Some specific tags of HTML we can’t even use. Different elements like forms have been out now. We need to use an efficient streamlined CSS version. We can easily use most of CSS, but there are few common parts which are falling under excellent practices and they’re not allowed to be used by everyone. After that, we can consider JavaScript which is not allowed in any condition. We need to use some off-the-shelf JavaScript library which provides the things such as lazy loading.

So the basic idea behind that is the whole platform is particularly designed for instant and pure readability with pure speed. Different elements like images do not load easily until they’re completely scrolled into your view, and fortunately the efficient JavaScript does all that for you within seconds.


How to integrate AMP with Word press?

The AMP plug-in is basically a best choice for adapting your all pages to the AMP standards at the moment. I have previously mentioned its different alternatives that work as complements to the AMP plug-in and also provide great additional functionality.

The AMP plug-in tends to automatically create the best AMP versions of your entire posts once it gets enabled. Moreover, its setup process is definitely not easier. There are least customization options available out there once the plug-in is activated perfectly.


Word press themes:

One thing is important to discuss for your more knowledge. Every blogger and website owner is quite code-literate, but I think every person literally deserves to get something extra ordinary for their website. By doing this, you can have best response from your target audience, and can even earn much more profit and reputation in short time period. If your heart is beating in a pace of Word Press, I have got a wonderful treat for you. You can get best responsive word press themes for your business website in order to earn more profit, usability and reputation. You can check awesome set of word press themes from lots of meaningful categories.


AMP tremendously increases your website speed as well as increases the views, and usability. It provides awesome user experience. So at the end, I will conclude that, your website need to take best advantage of this useful feature and also set a strict rules and regulations.

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