Avoid Mistakes of eCommerce Website Design

mistakes of ecommerce website design

Selling online can open up huge new markets for many businesses. When your store can be open 24/7 and you can reach a global market without the costs of mailings and call centers, it can be a huge boon to your business. But there are plenty of things to consider when designing an eCommerce site.

This is for all the online store owners to help them find the cause of their ‘not so going well’ business. If you are not generating enough revenue, one of the major reasons behind it can be the design of your own website. Check out if your website has some major blunders mentioned below and get them fixed by searching the best eCommerce web design company.

Requesting too much information

This is the number one mistake that has been observed in most of the websites. Nothing can annoy a customer more than asking them to fill a lot of details in a registration form before buying or asking for too much information during check out. It usually results into the loss of a customer. In order to make a perfect check out, you must:

    • Let users place an order without asking them to log in
    • Ask minimum questions on check out page
    • Keep maximum payment options
    • Minimize the shipping charges as much as possible
    • Promise the delivery as soon as possible and keep the promise

Poor product details:

Poor product details reflect your lack of confidence because of which you fail to earn the trust of your customers. In order not to let go off the customers, you must earn and maintain their trust. They tend to have faith in you if you display your products effectively. Product display is one of the most important things to concentrate upon when it comes to the eCommerce website design. Everything right from size and quality of the product images to the fonts, color and quality or product description matters. You must:

    • Upload quality product images that are big in size, yet loads faster
    • Mention every minute detail about the product in easy to read font style, size and color

Over do:

Overdoing equals to complicating! It is one of the biggest blunders on your website. It is advisable not to overdo ever; especially on the home page. It becomes quite confusing for the customers to find information if there is too much to look at on the home page. If there is too much of the text, yet it lacks the basic information, the customers will be annoyed and leave your website in a few seconds. In addition to that, it is acceptable if you give efforts to increase the aesthetic value of the website. However, never over do it; especially by adding several font styles and colors. Remember ‘simplicity is the key’ and make sure:

    • You keep the font styles and colors to the minimum
    • Add meaningful text and sufficient images without overdoing it!

Making it device specific:

In this world of gadget freaks, most people use their phones and tablets for surfing. It is always a good idea to keep this in mind while developing an eCommerce website. Making the eCommerce design desktop specific will result into loss of thousands of customers. So, make sure your website works well not only in desktops, but also in laptops, tablets as well as smart phones.

Other common mistakes are overdoing the product categories, not mentioning search option and contact information as well as poor navigation. If you come across any of the above mentioned blunders on your online store, make sure you hire the professionals that provide the best eCommerce web design services to re-design your e-store!

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