The Best T-shirt Printing Webstite and What We Can Learn From Them

Selling the products that customers can customize according to their preferences is a big trend in e-commerce today. T-shirts are one of the most popular products in market; we can request providers to create T-shirts which were printed the text, artwork… that we like. So, we can have the unique T-shirt with our own design.

Many providers now offer an online design tool which was integrated into their site; and then users can visit their site and start to design the new t-shirt with that tool. With the help of online design tool, users can get a visual look of their design, they can freely to custom and create a t-shirt like they want. By offering a useful feature, there are many businesses that have succeeded in providing the personalized t-shirts.

If you are interested in this business sector, we are going to create a quick review of the best website that selling customized t-shirts. After that, I’ll give you a useful advice that can help you to start the business right today. So, here we go…



  • Ordering: a great website interface, easily to create our own shirts, adding text and graphics… But it was a bit more difficult when upload your own design file.
  • Templates: has a great online design tool with various options of elements and graphics.
  • Custom options: Pockets, Ringers.
  • Delivery: took 3 business days for production and shipping of a standard order.
  • Quality: the printed colors extremely accurate to the specific Pantone colors, also has the clearest design elements such as text, lines, and gradients…
  • Value: given the extensive design tools, low cost, fast delivery, and excellent quality.



  • Ordering: the ordering process worked pretty well, but when it comes to T-shirts, but outmatched by other shirt-specific companies. Easily to upload artwork files, the online t-shirt design tool worked fine.
  • Templates: a great choice for users who want to create their design online by using a pre-made template or using a downloadable blank guide for design offline.
  • Custom options: Digital printing, Polos, Screen printing.
  • Delivery: took 10 business days for production and shipping of a standard order.
  • Quality: the printed colors were accurate to the specific Pantone colors. Very impressive with the clarity of design elements (text, lines, gradients…)
  • Value: The cost per shirt was easily one of the cheapest, both in total cost and per shirt cost.



  • Ordering: a good order process experience, allows accessing and uploading Facebook photos to the online T-shirt design tool. But, the design tool gave us a bit of frustrations.
  • Templates: owning a quality online design tool, many choices of design elements, and library of pre-made templates.
  • Custom options: Digital printing, Pockets, Screen printing.
  • Delivery: took 6 business days for production and shipping of a standard order.
  • Quality: Almost all aspects of the T-shirts were exceptional, the printed colors accurate to the specific Pantone colors. The clarity of the design elements such as text, lines, and gradients, this was one of the best we reviewed.
  • Value: they offers the starting price was one of the most expensive orders, both in total cost and cost per shirt. However, Ink Garden usually runs a sale or coupon discount.



  • Ordering: ordering process was excellent, minus a few very small complications. The site interface was simple, easily to use and navigation. Uploading artwork files with ease, the online design tool worked smoothly.
  • Templates: this is a great site for a quick and simple design. However, there is a weakness that the selection of design elements is pretty small, and no blank guides or pre-made templates are available.
  • Custom options: Digital printing, Organic cotton, Ringers, Screen printing.
  • Delivery: took 9 business days for production and shipping of a standard order.
  • Quality: the overall quality of the T-shirts from CafePress was not really good. Have an average point of the color accuracy and the clarity of the design elements.
  • Value: The price is not the strong point of Cafepress. The highest price out of four, both in total cost and cost per shirt.

Conclusion and Solution

As we can see, one of the most important conditions for success in this business field is you need to have a great website with a powerful online design tool. Before, create a website and integrate online design feature into your site are very difficult. But now, seems that everything has been simplified.

We are very happy to introduce to you a comprehensive solution to create a t-shirt printing website. It called WordPress Printshop Website Templates with Online Design. By offering a beautiful interface, many powerful features and also have an online design tool. You are able to create a t-shirt printing website within 30 minutes.

For more details, please visit the link below to find more info about WordPress Printshop Website Templates. You also can try LIVE DEMO to get the visual look about this product. You will know why it will be perfect for your business.


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