Complete Ajax search tools for your Magento 2 webstore

As in most of default or original versions of Magento platform, we usually know Instant Search or Quick Search tool that are considered as on-site search result software. Through theme, customers can look for their products while save much time by name, tag or short description. However, today, we want to introduce an awesome site search extension named Magento 2 Ajax Search through 2 products Advance Ajax Search for Magento 2 and Ajax Search Suggest and Auto Complete for Magento. They are very popular and the most wanted on the Magento market now.

Obviously, we can use default tools of Magento platform, but sometime, your small investment will change everything amazingly, out of your think. 2 items we want to tell you today are stark examples.

At first, we should say about Ajax technique. Ajax has defined that “AJAX stands or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. AJAX is a new technique for creating better, faster, and more interactive web applications with the help of XML, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript”. Ajax is used for Magento 2 web-stores to provide better interactivity to their users, improving page loading much. The reason is that implementing Ajax on a website; your users are not required to wait for reloading for dynamic content on web pages. Thus, the combination of Ajax and Magento technologies is considered for a lot of advantages as below:

  • Better interactivity: Almost developers and webmasters want to switch to AJAX for their websites for this pretty benefit. AJAX allows easier and quicker interaction between users and website as pages are not reloaded for content to be displayed.
  • Easy to Navigate: It is because applications of Ajax technique is able to be built to have customers easily navigate. And it is not necessary to use the traditional back or forward button in the default theme on a browser and wait for loading page.
  • Compact: One more interesting feature when it comes to Ajax technology is that several multiple purposes apps or features are possible to be used in a single web page. Thus, you can avoid the need for clutter with several websites.
  • Boosting Magento SEO: Google Maps prefer using Ajax much. It can be said it is the most impressive and powerful scripts for this tool. A stark example vBulletin forum software with the latest AJAX version, bringing your Magento SEO up to a new level, as the result.

It is undeniable that adding a powerful site-search tool to your website is an intelligent way to conquer customers at the first moment. When they are comfortable with the search for products on your site, they are willing to do the next step, doing online shopping. Ajax search tool is easy-to-navigation software, improving your user-experience feature. Thus, why we do not consider two Magento 2 site search extensions below?

Advance Ajax Search for Magnento 2

This is a great add-on module for your Magento store. The module will help your customers to easily find the products based on Keyword Search. Instead of waiting for the whole Magento page to reload and see their results, customers can access the searching page as soon as possible thanks for Ajax empowered technology. Ajax is also the most flexible method for visitors to have a drop-down result window with just a keyword typed into the search box

Ajax Search Suggest and Auto Complete for Magento 2

This indispensable tool is created to make your customer-experience better by allowing them to find out what they want in the shortest way. After writing down some words in the search tab, customers will immediately receive the results of product’s information on the drop-down list. Your web-store becomes more user-friendly and convenient for audiences to enjoy shopping moments.

  • Ajax Search Extension for Magento 2 provides a smart search way for your website with Auto complete and Suggestion. Within a few seconds, customers will have the results with calling out suggest words. And certainly, the automatically call-out results are available after customers add 3 characters.
  • The buyers will not meet any trouble to look for what they want. Results will be shown in the drop-down list with the image, information of product which help the customer choose suitable items. Also, product review or rating is will be shown for customers to consider.

  • Furthermore, the customers can search keyword by category field that helps them narrow range search.
  • Smarter and Instant Search: When your customers search any word in search box, it will return relevant results in a dropdown list within milliseconds.
  • Search by Category and Category preview are outstanding features added to this module. Customers are able to have a quick look of product through selecting category and more details through Category pages.

  • Absolutely, Responsive support: This extension is compatible with devices as the desktop, tablet, and mobile. Let your customers feel free using their favorite device while shopping in your online store.
  • Easy to install, configure and process administrative task in the back-end, being the first standard of CMSmart’s solution.

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