How Featured Items on Selected?

If you ever wonder why some of other cmsmart sellers’ products are displayed as featured items but yours, then you’d like to understand how our admin system selects items for feature. Here are CMSMART’ criterias for ya.

General Criteria

– Numbers of review

The more amounts of review a product has, the more competitiveness it has, comparing with other items in the same category. Reviews here are calculated on system, not on your website’s.

– Creativeness level

This definition seems not clear to you. It can be explained about how creative the design of your product and how fast the loading speed of the item are. It depends on the general look over other items. The product may not have a lot of features but its features are very sharp and perfect themselves, we’ll consider it to have high creative levels.

– Awesome feature

Every product has own features, however, functions are not enough to create the story. The features must be intuitive, high connectivity, high speed and very friendly to users. It should be not only different/ more advanced than other same items in the market, but it also should highlight itself with the dominant feature

– Acuteness of designs

Design plays a very important role to an item, especially to software. For example, you have same functions like an item in the market but your design looks uglier than it. You yourself can see it through on frontend, not mention to the backend. Do you think which item the client will pick up if they surf both your website and theirs. Of course, not yours! You knew it, didn’t you?

– Click amount

Cmsmart has a tool to calculate clicks amount of customers coming to and click on your products. Based on the statistics, our team will assign which items are chosen as features. Because these statistics change frequently so every month, there’ll be an extension placed the positions on featured items.

– New Technology

As technology changes minute per minute, cmsmart highly recommends its users to update products frequently and lead others in the upgrading way. Even you don’t meet other requirements for placing a featured item, with only this factor dominated, your product can be marked as featured. It’s important to follow up the updating technology.

– Sales volume

Of course, an item which wins the championship in the sales volume, it’s automatically appeared in the list of featured products on

Extension’s Criteria

– New technology
– High Speed
– Compatibility with latest version of cms
– Usefulness
– Responsiveness

Template’s Criteria

– Responsiveness
– Unique-art
– Customizable features
– Tendency focused orientation
– High speed
– Specialized template

NOTE: Duration of changing featured items’ positions on One month.

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