Dear all clients & partners,

We are in the Open Sources Industry, and most of us come here to find and use the best CMS items on the market, which always need to be developed better every day.

More CMS versions are going to be released and updated within a few months because the very fast development of technologies. The client who bought the products, want to download and upgrade new version freely from suppliers. Yes, it is very easy to understand.

We are very sorry to inform you that “Free life time download and upgrade” policy will be changed into “6 months download and upgrade” because a main reason below that we hope you sympathize:

  • Our support team work over time everyday to try our best to complete their task and we have to have a responsibility for them. Society gets more and more developed, and accommodation expense increase as well. We should pay for their endeavor and hope you can join with us to make their lives better. Thank you so much.

All the products listed on Cmsmart marketplace should be downloaded, upgrade and support within 6 months from 1 Jan 2016.

After buying our products, you can access and download this products included its upgraded version if it is available on system.


The product will not be able to be downloaded if it was un-published to be sold by seller or by marketplace for some reasons (not developed any more, or copyright infringement).

Any new versions, bug fix, improvements…of the products will be notified to buyers who bought product within 6 months.

Buyer can download and support within 6 months. You can still receive public support via forum if your support expired. If you want to receive the private support, you can buy the private support for that package.

Thank you so much for your trusting and co-operation. Hope we have a long journey together.

David, CEO

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