Free stuff but Amazing result of Magento extensions

The trend of eCommerce platforms of 2016 still belongs to Magento – an open source that has been upgraded to the Version 2. It is undeniable that there are variations of eCommerce platforms with many advantages like WooCommerce, Shopify and Joomlar or more. Among them, Magento always stands out for the flexibility, and adjustable ability of the common changes. Magento is seen as a smart machine turning the shopping task easier and more convenient than any platform.

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Regarding Magento stores, we can see useful extensions which are created to boost your sales as well as traffic. However, almost of them are paid in spite of an affordable price. We suggest you 2 extensions that are powerful for you to install for your Magento shop and enjoy the result of them. So amazing and worthy! They are named Magento Product Vote extension and Magento Homepage Slideshow coming from CMSmart store.

Why is Magento Homepage Slideshow?

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  • For an online store, the first look makes up more than 50% deciding the success of your business. That you can obtain customer’s attentions, leading them to visit your store, products as you wish means you succeed in showing product, making it as call-to-action purchhase. Meanwhile, Magento Homepage Slideshow is released to improve the first look for you. With $0 you are able to own a powerful tool to make your site more beautiful and impressive, catching visitors’ eyes right at the first sight.
  • Slideshows on the Homepage display one by one image, containing text and heading. This innovative module is seen as a robust, reliable and out of box extension that beautifies your online shop.

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  • It obtains different awesome features such as image manipulation, animation effects and animations speed. All steps from choosing options to show or hide thumbnails, showing arrow or slide numbers, effect speed and so on are very easy to get on admin panel.
  • Easy to be installed, admin also can add unlimited number of images or titles. This module is possible to slide an content-images, text, HTML content, even video and SWF files with full customization and incredible effects at the same time.
  • Easy to have first exploration with the Live Demo that is supplied with CMSmart store.

While Magento Homepage Slideshow brings you an attractive looking, Magento Product Vote will help you understand what your customers think, what they like and what they want from your store.

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  • This is a powerful tool for you to have an “auto supervisor” which is responsible for evaluating the quality daily. Your customers can vote for their favorite items and leave their reviews on the product page. Positive or negative recommendations are very valuable because they are useful factors for you to have your product better and better. Thus, the quality of your products will be improved to perfected, certainly.
  • This extension offers multi-vote options through the most popular Social network like Google+; Facebook, Twitter. Besides, it is very easy to select which Social Network that should be added to vote table on the product page.

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  • It allows you to add function of Vote Charts with color showing statistics of vote among the product packages right in admin panel.
  • It gives you full ability to configure and customize the extension at your convenience.

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  • Easy to explore through the Live Demo here.

These modules sound very simple but once being installed, they ensure to help you perfect your Magento store. They are developed by CMSmart team with No charge while remaining easy configuration and customization, this free stuff allows you to improve user-experience when visitors are shopping on your online-shop. If you have not equipped your M-site with them, this is high time for you to think again and make as the real action. Believe what you select will bring you to the success; Magento Homepage Slideshow and Magento Product vote are your worthy tool.

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