Full set of Mobile friendly WordPress themes (part 1)

Mobile friendly WordPress themes

WordPress becomes a great platform for all designers to have better performance than anything. Their templates are creative, impressive and not less user-friendly for customers to experience. Running a web-store on WordPress is more and more popular for a numerous of reasons. The flat and one-page design is easy for customers to navigate and make a purchase while saving much time of loading page or searching products. Besides, according to the development trend of e-commerce, all web-store owners look for a unique design but fully responsive, ensuring that their users feel comfortable when shopping on other smaller devices.


It is obvious to see that technology is booming quickly, making our life easier and easier. Everything can be done with just a Smart phone, for example finding a map, surfing the internet and more importantly, doing shopping online. This requires online-store to adjust these devices including mobile phones, tables, iPad and more. Moreover, understanding what customers need, the display and steps on the mobile phone seem simpler than that we do shopping on a computer or laptop. That explains why Mobile Friendly Template is very crucial for a Web-store now.


An awesome design will make your website efficient marketing tool helping you reach out to target consumers and get the word out about your apps, software, products or services. It is also for you to possible to use it as an instrument in establishing credibility in your industry. WordPress themes – Landing pages of your website serves as a sales page that is helpful to acquire higher sales as well as conversations. Thus, on running your online shop on WordPress platform, you just take this tip and discover some Responsive templates introduced today. They are stunning designs that are created by NetBase team, making your store stand out from competitors. It promises a powerful tool to collect all kinds of customers, sales, especially mobile-sales for you.


Extreme Sports Club WordPress Theme – Template Monster


This Extreme Sports Club WordPress Theme is powered by Cherry Framework, boasting a spectacular design with clean code and enjoys excellent support. Moreover, through transitions and scrolling dynamics, CSS3, jQuery and HTML5 add interactivity to web pages, making them visually interesting. Responsive design brings optimal multidevice experience, whereas WPML readiness allows reaching the multinational audience. The design has an appealing graphic user interface that is enhanced with handy navigational elements such as a back to top button and dropdown menu. Audio, video and social media options are also embedded into the template’s functionality. Installing this WordPress theme, web-store owners are easy to customize, making it adapt to your own needs.

Personality WordPress Blog Theme


Personality WordPress Blog Theme is created for blogs – especially personal blog-websites like diaries or any other blogging. With stunning and unique design, this template has an eye-catching look, ensuring to conquer any viewers when they visit your site.

Creative Blue Cloud Blog WordPress Theme – GAM Themes


Creative Blue Cloud Blog WordPress Theme is a professional, responsive blog WordPress theme for user’s purpose. It’s very well documented and very easy to customize how you want.

To make sure the website performs adequately, Creative Blue Cloud Blog WordPress Theme has been tested to be accessible from Firefox, Chrome, safari browsers across different operating systems(Window XP, Window7), Mac and Hand Held devices.

The target is that Creative Blue Cloud Blog WordPress Theme can be used by the largest possible audience and webpage should ideally look and work the same in all web browsers.

Creative Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme – GAM Themes


Creative Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme is introduced to you with a lot of awesome new features and easy customizations.

This template is integrated with Sprite Images, an enchanting and easy-to-use that allows you to show your food meal in a dynamic and enjoyable way, making it perfect for your restaurant site. More than that, taking advantages of Solid and Clean Code, you can create easily well-designed blog site and interesting groups.

Besides, the most important feature is its compatibility with all browsers that allows you to make your site bilingual and bring it to more and more people. Don’t hesitate anymore to discover it!

To be continued…

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