How EBay looks on Magento Platform

If you want to find something ranging from a mobile phone to a trendy dress, you go to Then, once you look for a Magento template possessing interfaces and functionalities like page Ebay, there is no place except for Magento Ebay Store Theme.


This selection is as its name, meeting any requirements of an online shop on Magento platform. When it comes to Magento Ebay Store Theme, all of users said that this is a wonderful layout to sell multiple products, promising to make your store stand out from the competition.

According to functionalities found on the Ebay page, we are lucky to access a lot of useful features that are added by Magento extensions to serve your customers better and betters. Besides, this unique and impressive design ensures to catch visitors’ eyes at the first sight with the Banner slider, clean navigation and strong color schemes but very easy to navigate. This is hard to see in other Magento templates; especially designs are for multiple items.


What you brings to your CUSTOMERS:

  • Front Page Banner Slideshow with various transformer effects, allowing store owners to introduce their new or special products, promotions as well as events right in a large view. It also brings the first impression to web audiences.


  • Easy to approach cart thanks for Ajax Cart extension: Customers can access from any page with drop-down list. This easy access helps customers delete or edit right on Cart without redirecting to another. As the result, they are able to save much time when shopping on your store.


  • Easy to Search Products with Ajax Search and Auto Complete extension: You also allow your visitors save much time when they want to search something on your store. This great function is very worthy for customers if they want to get more one product on the page.
  • Mega Menu is the ideal solution for you to organize your products and categories in the most intelligent way. Thanks for it; you are possible to optimize the main attention of buyers when they surf on the web-store.
  • What’s more, JavaScript Zoom is also supported to zoom product’s image when customers are on the product page. Just a click on the image, they can see the large picture of their product to see more details.


  • Quick View function is highly considered when it allows visitors to view product’s information by a popup without leaving the product page.

It is obvious that you are making shopping task easier and simpler than ever. By adding the Magento Ebay Store Theme, you give your customers ability to have their desirable products in the shortest time. At the same time, they might be your loyal customers for increasing revenue after the first purchase. That is also  the promise from this great design.

What you yourself get from the template:

  • A complete Web-store on Magento platform is the first achievement. The second, you have a powerful tool to serve your customers with full featured site that is added a lot of useful and basic function. And consequently, the increasing revenue, amount of traffic, number of loyal customers and so on.
  • With regard to the store management, it is easier to install, customizable as well as configure the theme for your store. All Magento extensions are included to the package thus you just extract files to install the theme.
  • After adding the template for your store, you cannot find difficult to manage and modify to adapt your current web-store. And be sure that the Manufacturer NetBase’s support Team is always besides to feedback you.

Yeap, Magento Ebay Store Theme must be the best selection for you when you want to run a complete Magento store as Ebay, even better than it. You could see the DEMO here to learn How it works and What you can expect from it.

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