Integration of Multi Store and Multi Vendor on WordPress Theme (part 1)

Integration of Multi Store and Multi Vendor on WP Theme

With awesome advantages, WordPress is considered as one of the best platforms of e-commerce, for both owners and users. This e-business open-source always gives you a lot of choices of creative and exquisite themes. These designs are not only a stylist but also trendy according to our age’s changes. Currently, almost of WordPress themes, multi-store feature is added, offering store owners ability to enlarge their selling-channel and marketplace with different stores.

Integration of Multi Store and Multi Vendor on WP Theme 1

Multi-vendor is also implemented for that reason. We can see many stark examples of the multi-vendor model with, or They are the most outstanding e-commerce brands who succeed in creating their giant market over the world. It might be the hottest trend of current eCommerce. E-commerce investors, as well as business owners, are favoring multi-vendor systems – also referred as online marketplaces – over the regular online stores because of a vast range of advantages. They could be:

Integration of Multi Store and Multi Vendor on WP Theme 2

  • The quantity of products: the products sold on a multi-vendor are featured by a number of vendors. As the result, an e-commerce store providing a huge variety of products is bound to easily generate traffic and sales.
  • Any care of logistics, inventories, product addition or upgrades and so on that comes with running an online store require humungous efforts. Multi-vendor store shifts these necessary evils to individual merchants, thus it makes multi-vendor shopping cart a win-win business equation.
  • Save much cost because you do not need to hire people to do it. Instead of that, your team can spend more time on answering critical questions related to scaling and marketing. Thus, with an experienced development team by your side, you can drastically bring down website maintenance of expenses.
  • No need to maintain inventory because the seller will take care of inventory related complications when you set up a multi-vendor store.

However, integrating this feature to a web-shop is not simple at all. There are many platforms now, and WordPress is one of the ideal solutions. Somewhat quicker way to implement the multi-vendor system is by using the WordPress platform, paired with the NetBase Theme, much easier for beginners as well as experts of this great open-source. You can reap a huge range of factors with WP Multi Store Marketplace Theme Integrated Woocommerce Multi-Vendor Packages. This complete solution is designed for anyone who wants to build up a Multi-store – Multi-vendor web-shop with an amazing style that could not be found anywhere.

The theme is a complete solution because it FOCUSES ON:

User-Friendly and Easy-to-navigate Performance

Integration of Multi Store and Multi Vendor on WP Theme 3

  • A modern design promises to catch your viewer’s eyes at the first sight with a unique and awesome style. More importantly, it allows your site to adapt to any devices from mobile phones to the desktop of a computer. It means that your site will be completely shown anywhere, ensuring shoppers to have a full view of your web-shop, product detail pages and use any applications on it as usual.
  • All special products including Featured product, Product Best Seller, Hot Deal Products are displayed for customers to easily navigate and select what they really want. A Footer with full information might lead your shoppers to the right way and obtain their items on your site.

Integration of Multi Store and Multi Vendor on WP Theme 4

  • This ideal theme is released to be suitable with WooCommerce, especially WooCommerce Quick view, Compare, Wishlist and Product Hovering Function. It can optimize the whole ability of WooCommerce plug-in, promoting SEO as well as the speed of loading page. Thus, your site is not only high at performance but also intelligent navigation. As you may know, WooCommerce is a Free eCommerce plugin giving you the ability to sell everything, very beautifully. Built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, this module must be the world’s favorite eBusiness solution for both owners and developers to control and manage their web-shops.
  • How to Build up the Best User-experience? Yeap, user-experience results in many things, recommendation, social channels, or traffic and sale volumes. They create your success, thus it is very crucial when you want to spend your effort and invest on the online store. One of the most effective ways to bring a good user-experience is that implement necessary and useful tools to your site, saving as much as possible their time when they do shopping on your web-store. Then, this theme is considered as your ideal solution again for its powerful extensions: Color Swatch, Ajax Product Filter, Search By Category, Module Brand and more outstanding, Multi Mega Menu. Their features make your site more perfect, leaving any competitors far away.

Integration of Multi Store and Multi Vendor on WP Theme 5

To be continued…

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