Magento 2 – Incredible features to Run a M-store


That Magento 2 is coming into being is indispensible during the development of this open-source. In a lot of markets, Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. According to an e-commerce report in this year, the number of Magento stores has sorely increased and makes up more than 35 % of online stores.

If you are running a Magento store, this might be your wise and right selection. Magenticians always make an effort to generate useful modules that adding must-have features to your web-stores. The latest version 2 of this platform seems to be mature enough to meet more requirements. It supports you with easy installation, migration with the version 1, and perfect accessibility for developers.

Magento developers are able to see the daylight of Magento in this year. It is claimed that the new generation is what eBay wants to accomplish including steps customization process, easily installation and upgrades, more convenience on testing documentation and resources.




  1. Magento 2 is improved more functional technologies

  • jQuery Library: jQuery and Prototype are JavaScript Library but jQuery is more popular and preferred than the rest. Magento developers are able to fix JavaScript issues on their store faster while using jQuery. However, this feature must be customized or added as a plug-in in the older version. Regarding Magento 2, you can say good bye to Prototype and have jQuery library as the default JavaScript library.


  • PHP 5.3 and Zend Framework: will be used in Magento 2, allowing you to manage performances of cache engine database access layer and translation. Simultaneously, MSSQL and Oracle that are great for Window Platform Serve are supported by it. Therefore, it is highly valuated when being compatible with more platforms.
  • Full page caching with Performance enhancement: improve the loading speed more. The Magento performance has witnessed a very dramatic change in Magento 2, make speed be 20% faster than others. You ensure to serve your customers better and give them more choices to make purchases.
  • CMS, sales, catalogs and other modules will exist in your Magento store as components. You just disable or replace them at your convenience without hacking the existing code base.
  • Directories Structure has many crucial changes. New directory called “pub” is introduced, making a better view structure for developers.
  • Test Migrated allows developers have automated testing. Certainly, they are able to setup this function easily, so the test duty becomes simpler. To achieve improvements of serve validation, Magento 2 supports you with a better security. Thus, you do not need to worry when meeting these same issues.
  1. Magento 2 creates significant changes of Interface

  • Improvements of Web API: It allows you to implement mutable data entries to a builder pattern to use in practice. This affects Data Entries from the Api/Data directory. Also, service contracts can be exposed as web APIs with the help of some XML lines.
  • Improvements of scalability and performance: Improved scalability involves improved indexes, new Magento performance toolkit, Varnish Cache. In the new version, these indexes are enhanced and updated to another levels. Performance is faster, Magento performance toolkits support to verify and optimize the system performance and Varnish Cache is used to reduce server load and speed up the page load.
  • Friendlier interface with Front-end: It is because Magento 2 features serve and client side compilation of LESS files. The compilations are from GruntJS, NodeJS, and LiveRoad to JavaScript. The front-end is build with the help of new UI framework. It also lessens CSS preprocessor and modern HTML5 themes. Hence, the site is easy to have a new look and feel without any changing site functionality.


  1. Migration from the version 1.X

Migration from Magento 1.X: It is one of the important reasons why web-store owners or Magenticians to update their Magento store to this release. The live synchronization is possible with the help of MySQL triggers. Magento 2 offer migrations tools being flexible enough to work in any previous 1.X Magento versions.

  1. Others outstanding changes

  • Customization process is easier than before. It is because of the introduction of Visual Design Editor, developers are easy to use “drop and drag” interface to edit Magento layout. The appearance of Visual design editor, modification of containers and blocks are likely not to require the basic technological knowledge.
  • Allow you to save much cost and effort when upgrading the Magento site. To upgrade to new version, you just provide necessary information about compatibility of upgrades via information on versioning policies. And the installation is faster because of full support of developers.
  • Have better engagement with the Community: The first appearance of any Magento version is Community. Magento 2 performs its positive point via better engagement with the community. The beta of version Magento 2 is introduced first and then, there are a lot of webinars and special events that will be held to have Magento 2 work as official version and go-closure to Magento Community over the world.

The fact that Magento 2 is indispensable is always TRUE in the developing age of Magento platforms. 5 years to establish, research and update continuously, Magento has performed itself as one of the most must-have e-commerce platforme. It is remarkable when this latest version is created in hope of bringing more convenience to Magento Developers, Administrations and Web-store owners. For all reasons, Magento is your best choice now and forever.

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