Magento Book Store Theme Simple Yet Very Fresh

Magento Bookstore Theme

You love to read books, and you have an online bookshop. Clearly, you will wish your book store to look like Amazon. You don’t have to go anywhere to find a theme which is similar to Amazon but still keep your copyright, avoiding trademark issues with Amazon. This Magento Book Store Theme is a perfect match to your choice. Of course, it can’t be complete with full of features and utilities like Amazon, its interface is quite a tiny copy.

Looking at the theme, you can firstly replace the logo with your own one at the left corner. At the top and right corner, set any ads banner and a promotional campaign you’ve prepared. At the center, you can put a search box to be the highlight of the theme, where customers type keywords to find products. In addition, it’s a recommendation for you to install our quick login extension to make the process for registration, login or create an account to be faster.

On the homepage, like Amazon, you can display the hottest events, featured products, new arrivals or ads depending on your priorities. The homepage is designed in rows of blocks. You can show a variety of products for different intentions. For special books, you can use a slider to display them with previous and next buttons.

When visitors click on any product, the detail page will appear with an icon “Sale” to inform customers its availability in stock. Admin can also configure required formats for customer to choose before “add to cart”. Besides, it’s allowed to introduce visitors other books at the bottom of the details page. Amazon contains ton of information but Magento Bookstore Theme imitates the overall sight, it might be safe enough for you.


No more words to describe the theme while you can see live demo and check everything in details. Here it is: Are you pleased with the theme? Is there anything you want more? Please let us know, we will customize functions and update the theme for what you want. Just share your thoughts at the comment form below.

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