Magento Where Did You Hear About Us Extension


Google Analytics is probably the most reliable and authentic tool which provides information about a website’s traffic and conversion rate analysis. Most of the vendors whether they are running stores on Magento , PrestaShop , OpenCart or some other prefer Google Analytics in spite of the fact that these shopping platforms possesses their own conversion tracking and traffic analysis tools .

Although Google Analytics is pretty useful, however when it goes deep into conversion tracking, it is unable to provide enough information to the merchants, such as it does not tell that from which website customer came to buy a product from the shop. At this stage, retailers examines some other solution, possibly some other system resembling Google Analytics, but why not go for simplest solution i.e. , ask such information directly from clients that from which source they are referred .

Benefits of Asking Referral Source from Customers

Conversion source analysis tells the merchants about the success of their marketing campaign. It tells them that which source of traffic is most effective and which one is weaker. At this point, they have a choice to leave the weaker resources to save their investment or the other case is to focus more on weaker resources.

It is also performance measuring tactic to know that which marketer or BDM is working well and which one has to improve his strategy. The final goal of referral resource is not other than to optimize conversion rate of a website.

How to ask referral resource from the customers?

Asking referral resource from the customers is just simple. Create a necessary field of Where Did You Hear about Us at registration or checkout page. Making this field necessary will bound the customer to select the options give there. Moreover, customers should be provided a text field where they can enter another source not mentioned in the list.


How to create source field at checkout or signup form in Magento?

Let’s be specific to Magento which has honor to be most use shopping platform in the world. If you have enough time, development skills and resources, then you can create such fields at checkout/signup page since Magento by default does not allow the merchants to add or remove fields. In the case, you don’t have enough technical knowhow or if you want to make it process simpler you can use Magento Where Did You Hear About Us Extension which provide plenty of features to merchants for customizing and making the field most effective.

Which features are must for referral source field

Given below some of the top features that are must for referral field on checkout/registration page?

  • Data of referral source fields should be saved with customer order number and profile information.
  • CSV format report of source field of all orders.
  • It should appear on signup and checkout page.
  • It must support one step checkout.
  • It should allow the customer to mention some other source in case it is not given in the drop down.

Final Remarks

Where Did You Hear About Us” is certainly the most effective field for checkout which is able to deliver overwhelming advantages particularly for making your business stable. Evaluation of website traffic source data will provide you the information that assists your marketing campaign targeted one leading to more sales are earnings.



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