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Following the latest trend of e-commerce, Magento platform has been more and more incredible for online purchase. It supports a lot of functions in hope giving both users and web-builders the optimization usage on doing web-shopping. Among that, easy-navigation is highly considered. Along with the development of Magento technology, easy-navigation is found through different ways such as Side bar, Search tool, Layered navigation and Mega Menu.


Today, we will give you one of the best selections of your Easy-navigation tool, ensuring to satisfy 100% viewers once doing purchase on your web-store. It is named as Mega Menu extension, developed by NetBase team and being the latest version. This module promises to give you an effective way to increase revenue and serve your customers in the best way.

Mega Menu extension and Magento stores

Mega Menu module gives web-store owners ability to manage and display all types of information flexibly, optimizing website navigation performance. As the result, this complete display allows your customers to have an overall picture of products, services as well as good-navigation when they find their wanted products on your site.

mega menu2

Why Mega Menu module is exactly your choice

At first, for your  

This is an elegant but not less intelligent display of products on a Magento store. Thanks for it, you are significantly improving user-experience by making your site very easy and speedy to load, search as well as find products of your store. It is because users are possible to see all items of your catalogue products at their first sight and related information is also ready for them to discover. As the result, shopping time will be saved much while completely satisfying their choices.

Secondly, for you – Shop owners/Developer

While Mega Menu add-on saves time of your customers, it helps you optimize time budget to install, configure and customize as you wish and less effort. Being the powerful tool to build an easy-to-navigate store, you can conquer a large number of shoppers, increasing profits much.

Adding the extension to your site, you allow viewers to see all potential information through a Click. No requirements of time and effort in coding or designing the menu manually, you have various menu templates at your comfort. You create a Magento store as your style due to this module. Along with the default Magento menu system, you own advanced functions, simplifying menu management on your Magento site.

Where is the position of Mega Menu extension of NetBase on the market now?

As you may know, simple menu is very necessary and basic function of an online store. Magento developers know how to optimize this feature for their site. Thus, many Mega menu extensions of different manufacturers are provided on the market now. Among them, the most outstanding extensions are:

mega menu

To be specified, Incredible features Advanced Mega Menu extension of Netbase supplies you:

– 3 Menu Layouts:

  • Horizontal Magento navigation menu: The extension gives you an attractive horizontal menu to organize your categories, sub-categories and products easily. Categories are shown for customers to choose as they wish.
  • Vertical Magento navigation menu: With this innovative function, all name categories are hided in main Menu that makes your site neat and clean.

mega menu3

  • Horizontal and Vertical Menu at the same time: There are both kinds of menu display on menu at your customer favorites

4 Clear and Neat Statistic Blogs on menu structure: Put images and information of products in order for shoppers to have an overall but complete understanding.

mega menu4

6 Sub Menus are available and shown on the Homepage or product View page. With Sub category, you can narrow product search, even no needs of search tool.

mega menu5

– Mega Menu extension has a responsive template, adapting any displays from Smart-phones, Desktop, Laptop to Tablet without any problems on presentation. More importantly, this tool can be used for all Magento themes.

mega menu6

– Give you ability to attract customers’ eyes by all means: Hot, new and featured products are displayed right on the Menu. Also, impressive blocks are placed as you wish, on top, at left or right or bottom. Category labels are created of each category to catch viewers’ sight more easily. The icons on category and background color are very important to make your site clearer and considered more highly.

mega menu7

In Back-end

  • Easy to understand how to install, configure and customize the extension at your wish.
  • Right at the admin panel, web-store developer can arrange anything on menu via several clicks, choosing what to display.

mega menu8

  • You are possible to hide or show sub categories on Menu and thumbnails, making the menu simple to understand.
  • Custom block: You can select where a block is placed. It can be on top, left, right or bottom. You also can set block width on right or left side. Then option to hide or show blocks

mega menu9

  • Configure mega menu from admin panel: You can set Menu types or show (not show) home link that is only applied for horizontal menu, vertical or both of styles.

How to Use Mega Menu for your Magento site

mega menu10.png

Don’t wait for anything, click on Live Demo to discover Magento Mega Menu extension. Easy to navigate tool is very crucial for any web-store, saving time and serving your customers efficiently. Thus, you can boost your sales as well as traffic to the site, developing your e-commerce for a short term.

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