New released item: Magento Vtiger syncing extension on Cmsmart

With an online shop, how to manage customer database is very crucial. Management tool must be flexible, compatible with many web platforms and save your information always being safe. There are many thing around customer relationship including products, social accounts, web-store account, order and even customer’s shopping habit. From that, you can easily follow them and support your audiences on time, as soon as their urgent requirements.

In fact, there are a lot of great customer relationship management software, among them Vtiger is always the first choice for all platforms, especially Magento – webshop. Before understanding why Magento Vtiger syncing database extension  is an ideal choice, we should learn benefits of Vtiger CRM software.

At first, Vtiger is built on Linux Apache MySql (PHP) LAMP that is built-in solution ranging from project and activity manangement to email marketing and a one-stop management solution. It is suitable for all types of enterprises. Vtiger CRM allows us to manage activities related to Inventory including sales-force and marketing automation, customer service and support and procurement. Certainly, the tools and add-ons are ready to assist in promoting your business productivity. You can know some of them like Thunderbird integration and Ms office, Ms Outlook, RSS, Customer Portal and more. One of the most advantages of Vtiger CRM software is friend-feature and you can get it for Linux and Windows simply.

CRM – Customer relationship management system is released for main Targets:

  • Auto Marketing: Understanding customer’s shopping behavior is one of the most importances in a Marketing Campaign. Through their shopping history and activation, we will know what customers want, what they hope from your services and so on. Through the CRM system, it helps you manage and set up auto marketing process, connecting with the web-site to get customer database.
  • Time Management: It provides work schedule as our normal activation including meeting, do-do list and more
  • Statistic and Report: Creating diagrams as chart, pie or others will be helpful for you’re an overview of your report.
  • Manage Project and Document: Any document of your website will be integrated to manage necessary data for any activation related to customers.
  • Sales And Support: Everything is in the sales and support editions, therefore, let customers log into a portal to submit and review tickets, share files…

The outstanding benefits of this software are listed as here:

  • Increasing Sales and enriching Customer’s service by streamlining business interactions
  • Providing  good user-experience with excellent customer support and product customization, allowing post-sales and pre-sales activities to be integrated in a single application
  • Improving customer relationship by offering modules related to file attachments and email notification
  • Being helpful for Webstore’s admin to identify customers who are lucrative, from that; increasing sales by meeting customer’s needs and in turn, better in marketing effort
  • Vtiger CRM is innovative software, promoting the issue report of customers and customer’s satisfaction
  • Being one of the best CRM, Vtiger CRM software are good at Email Marketing, Calendar, Task Management, Document and File Management, Inventory Management, Teams and Access Control and also Reports or Extensions of your web-store.

Magento Synchronize Database with Vtiger CRM module

Magento vtiger syncing extension

We will learn how to have the module installed and configured on your Magento web-shop and which benefits we achieve from it. With this powerful tool, all primary data such as sale orders, customer information, product, after-sales service are protected and managed in well. Installing Magento Vtiger syncing database extension, your customer’s information is also updated automatically from Magento web-site to Vtiger CRM system. Thus, you can keep in touch with your clients and take care of them carefully, saving them as your loyal customers.

How to Synchronize Magento database with Vtiger CRM thanks for the module?

  • Instantly synchronizing data from Magento site to Vtiger CRM: Almost necessary data are auto-synchronized between Magento store and Vtiger CRM System: customer account information, product categories, product catalog and order information. From this data, you can create a report to increase sales and revenue.

  • Sync Vtiger Customers: It allows synchronizing and updating customer data from Magento store into Vtiger CRM Contacts and vice versa.

  • Sync Vtiger Sales Orders: You are able to transfer automatically Orders from Magento store into Vtiger CRM Sales Orders right after an order is created at your Magento store, Magento Vtiger CRM Sync module will take the order information automatically to enter into Vtiger CRM Sales Orders.

  • Sync Vtiger Products: You are allowed to synchronize and update Products (Product Categories & Product Catalog) from Magento store into Vtiger CRM Products and vice versa.

  • Support 2 syncing methods: You can use 2 methods to synchronizing data: “auto syncing” and “manual syncing”. With “auto syncing”, you can synchronize data automatically follow time and frequency (daily, week or month). With “manual syncing”, you have to select data that need to import or export and click on “Start Syncing” button to synchronize data.

User-experience is always important to conquer your customers. Besides, a smart machine to drive your website in a right way is not less necessary. You have good software to manage your Customer relationship system, the integration of Vtiger and Magento brings the perfect management system. By installing the module Synchronize database Magento, you will have an ideal tool to manage your customer’s information, saving it as protected and finding out great Marketing campaigns for your e-business.

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