Do not loose your sale with Magento 2 Frequently Bought Together

Magento 2 Frequently Bought together extension

What we call FBT extension? It means Magento 2 Frequently Bought Together extension. Yes, NetBase has released the extension for Magento 2, adding a powerful tool to get more sales and recommendation.

Based on thinking of customers, we realize that if we give them more options, they have more chance to do successful shopping on our site.

Related items or frequently bought together products are shown right on your web-store, meaning that you are introducing more products for sales. Thus, it is difficult to lose your sales if you offer more and more product’s ideas.

Magento 2 was seen as an invention event of the last year, with a lot of advantages bringing web-store owner the ability to optimize their web-shop. Thus, based on this open source, we suggest you a plug-in tool to boost revenue and traffic for your business naming Magento 2 Frequently Bought Together extension.


When it comes to this feature, we can find it from different brands like Aheadworks, BSS Commerce, and Magento Marketplace. However, they have not released the module for Magento 2. Thus, functions of this module are just adaptable for Magento version 1. In a common view, Frequently Bought Together module for Magento has features as below:

  • It suggests customers related products in eye-catching position for them to see at the first sight when shopping on your site
  • Direct to the corresponding product page when customer clicks on any related-product image
  • Easy to select or add products to cart with a click
  • Customers are able to add all suggested products in slider into a comparison page to get what they really want
  • Runs on Ajax side and JavaScript foundation, your site will properly run and keep its speed as usual


Why we should add this function to Web-store?

  • Enrich your store content and attract your customers at the same time
  • Allow you to get successful sale motivation with increasing number of cross-sells and total purchase mount.
  • Become the most effective channel to access customers’ requirements. Instead of searching additional products, customers have useful recommendation and suggestion. They can save much time while being able to compare these products while doing shopping. You can give more satisfactions to customers; as the result, you reap more sales.
  • Simple code but full-control admin panel for web-store owners or developers to do as they wish.

What we HOPE for Magento 2 Frequently Bought Together extension?

Yes, we currently have not the feature for Magento with other Magento Solution Providers, out of NetBase. Basically, this feature is very effective for web-store owners to boost their profit. With advantages of Magento 2, this function gives us doubled-result. According to features as the version for Magento 1, Developer team focuses on How to maximize the module’s usage.

You can show the Promotion products right on the Product detail Page for customers to add to Cart as they want. More importantly, it is possible to add unlimited group to the main product thus the number of related product is higher, increasing real-sales. They are call-to-action promotion bundles attracting customers.


  • Especially, promotion products are added to block. And you can keep in mind that you have full control to configure, customize images or colors for Product Selection on Frequently Bought Together Block.
  • What’s more, you give customers ability to add related products right on this page because Add-To-Cart button can be shown on block.
  • Magento 2 Frequently Bought Together extension can work well with all types of products simple, configurable, downloadable and virtual items.


  • Besides, the discount types are customized on the back-end through simple steps. You can show the discount amount and types on the product page, allowing customers to understand the products they are going to purchase.

With this Magento 2 Frequently Bought Together extension is added as promotion block on the Product page details. This way is very easy for customers to have an overall picture of related products on your web-store. They can have more selections to do purchase while saving much time. The module is seen as an ideal tool for both users and buyers.

The last but not less important, it is difficult to find out a product with an affordable price than NetBase market. You have complete solution of frequently bought together extension for your M2 web-store at price under $60. A smart admin panel with effective features, the module might be an amazing tool for all web-store owners to obtain more and more profits as well as traffic.

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