Powerful Magento online design extension for M1 & M2 for Web to print (part 1)

Magento 2 online design module

Ideal open source solution for Web to print

According to the development of technology age, e-commerce has experienced an amazing number of online shoppers and sale-revenue for recent years. As an e-commerce report in America showed that above 95% of their population have shopped at least once online and 51% of them prefer to shop online. Besides, the number of e-business websites is significantly increasing every year. This will be the endless trend of current business, also the truth for Printing industry.

We find no difficulties to find out a web to print to select Printing items like T-shirt, Mugs, or Business card. It is because of the development of e-commerce, so many e-commerce solutions are provided for us to make our web-store better. Thus, there are various platforms like Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart or nopComerce and more. However, among them, which is the best suit for you? is not easy to bring the decision. Believe that a right choice will help you grab more customers, loyal audiences, and profit. It also helps you:

  • Promote printing services both offline and online
  • Encourage your customers to buy more
  • Save much production cost, e-commerce cost, and others
  • Save much time of customers when they do online shopping
  • Create a printing market as popular as you wish

Then, Magento might be your first selection with regard to the most suitable platform for Web to print. It can be a powerful tool for you to achieve increased sales and desired goals of your printing business. Magento with the latest version 2 is added to a lot of valuable features, making your website become more professional and outstanding. More importantly, Magento online design software for M1 & M2 created for the printing business, boosting this industry to the higher level of service and product quality.

Firstly, we introduce some main pros of Magento platform and explain why we should make it as the No.1 option for us.

  • Magento has fully customizable interface: Magento has back-end management that is different and better than any e-commerce platform. This allows you to process the interface as per your site’s requirement to empower your business. Because of an open-source solution, with Magento, you can have the freedom to select hosting of your choice and have a multi-lingual site on what countries you are reaching.
  • Magento allows you to upload the whole of products to the site in one go. It is not necessary to do the entry like you did in the past. Product description, images, SKU number and more can be added just by a click. You also can add various pricing options, discounts or coupon codes and make them active right after the products are uploaded.
  • Magento is the platform equipped with the most awesome features, enhancing user-experience and bringing the great moment of shopping to your customers. Thanks for that, customers are encouraged to make more purchases, visits to your site and create a huge community of your website’s fan club.
  • Magento online product designer software is the most important for a web to print. As you may know, the printing industry is different from other e-commerce. It requires much personalization, characteristics, and unique style that nowhere can be found. Thus, this software is released specially for this e-business. Magento online design extension for M1 & M2 will be our main history today.

To be continued…

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