Powerful Magento online design extension for M1 & M2 for Web to print (part 2)

Magento 2 online design module

The last version of this module was used for just Magento 1.x, now, the newest version can thoroughly run on Magento 2 and a lot of powerful features have added into this product. Especially, focusing on features for Magento web to print, both web-store owner and users are totally happy to enjoy and create their personal items of your printing products. It can be considered as the first choice of Magento 2 Online design software for your printing e-business.

The module is equipped with full of common features of product online designer software including add and customize text, art or images…

  • Thanks for the module, your customers are able to have own stylist images and printing product that can be found nowhere. They can design anything, from a button to an album.
  • Easy for customers to re-design: If your design is rejected; please go to your account to re-design. You can design until approving.

  • The customer can easily understand and use all tools with the powerful helpdesk.
  • The store owner can allow their customers to display/hide “Online Design” function on the Smartphone right in the Backend. Used for Magento 2, the module allows customers to design on any devices such as desktop, tablet, mobile, etc. because this module is fully responsive.

  • Provide the shop owner email: The shop owner will enter the contact email right in the Backend and it will be displayed right in “My Product Design” tab of the account page. Customer’s printing items can be managed in their Account so they can delete or send to web-store owner to have the Printing item easily.

Magento 2 online design module is not only good for Users but also for Web-store owner. Smart admin panel gives you the ability to manage your store, customer’s items very easily. Any changes on front-end will be sent to your management panel, allowing you to respond your customers on time.

  • It is totally possible for store owner to have customers customize the product design with their provided colors, they can add these colors right in the back-end. And the shop owner also can edit and delete these colors as well.
  • Also, the store owner can add/delete the Google Fonts and Custom Fonts (by selecting 2 file types “.ttf and .woff”) thus your customers can change font’s style in the Frontend.
  • Certainly, your customers select arts from clipart library which are added by the store owner in the Backend. It is because you add the unlimited arts and manage them as well in the Backend.

  • In the backend, you can enable “Online Design” for any products right in the Backend. At the same time, they can also customize design product dimension, design area dimension, select design image and add design template…
  • The Orders of products included design will be managed separately right in the backend. The store owner can view design image for each order, approve design or not and download the design image and output PDF. What’s more, you feel free to have Setting thumbnail of design image, upload image for each product

You have 12+ demos for Magento 1 and Magento 2 platform to enjoy before installing the module for your web to print. CMSmart always wants to offer you the most exciting and real feeling of their work; from that, you can achieve your decision much faster.

Magento 2 online design module is one of the most important reasons explaining Why Magento platform is the No.1 selection when you want to set up a complete Web to Print. It can be said that Magento might be the All-in-one solution for e-Printing industry.

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