Printing Industry and Web to Print Trend of E-commerce ( part 1)

web to print Printing trend

Printing industry has witnessed a lot of changes from the manner, basic foundation to solutions. Especially, people are interested in making online every product from daily-things, stocks to printing items. That is the result of Internet which enhances everything around our life. Therefore, developing Printing business according to e-commerce trend must be crucial. Web-to-print is your Selection.


What do you think about Web-to-print? Web2Print is a broad term that refers to the practice of doing print business using website. This adds to your business a channel to serve customers right on your web-store. Thanks to it, there will more shoppers as well as fans going to your shop for their wanted-printing works. It is undeniable that the growing popularity of the Internet and World Wide Web has opened up many opportunities for Commercial printers to communicate with their partner and customers to do many things like Submit print jobs, Do online prepress reviews/previews, design things on a website with rich user-interface, direct cross media marketing and offer services such as variable data printing, booklets, photo printing and others.


Although Printing industry has many differences from others, requiring many terms of design and experience, the innovation of e-commerce brings you an endless source of modules and features, ensuring to keep your e-business in a smooth way. For example, with an online design tool, you allow your customers to experience their real feeling of printing products. They can design or suggest their idea on your site and preview them before making an order. This way makes them happier than doing shopping on other sites. Moreover, so grateful thanks to e-commerce, web2print owners have full control of managing and resolving print request of their beloved customers. Web-to-print systems are also expanding in order to handle personalization and distribution of various marketing materials such as presentations, logo icon, seminars, email and social media.


One more advantage must be included here is Mobile-sales, a hottest trend of now e-commerce. Almost of people are equipped with a smart phone/device allowing them to do online purchase right on it. Thus, online sales become more popular than ever. This helps us optimize ability to getting high revenue and traffic. What we see is What we get must be all a Web2print gives to us. This is totally available for print houses, graphic designers, corporate, clients and the general public to access a private or public online catalog. Without face-to-face, the clients are able to approve the materials, controlling brand management and content. This system is cost-effective for clients and time-effective for print houses.

These reasons explain why we should drive a Web-to-print instead of a traditional store. The combination of traditional and e-trendy shop will surely bring success to us. Meanwhile, finding the providers with perfect software and serve system solutions is not easy at all. Then, what we should do to have right choice. Our history – NetBase’s team will give you the Complete solution for your Web-to-Print on WordPress platform.


Our NetBase team promises to give you a full solution for your Printing business, being known as a-z ecommerce Solution. It is based on many years of providing e-commerce solutions including Magento, Virtuemart, WordPress and others. Moreover, we – professional and enthusiasm team ensure to support you at any time on any troubles you get. As we have known, e-commerce creates an environment for different options. According to the joiner, e-commerce will be released. Because of character of Printing industry, we focus on how to Develop B2C (Business to Customer) type, for small print shop online to Enterprise one. Thus, this solution is built up on Printshop Workflow System as below:

How Web-to-Print works on Front-end?

One of strengthens of WordPress is Theme being designed on a simple platform but equipped with functional features for users and site-owners as well. Understanding this advantage, our Market offers stylist and trendy templates, adapting with each topic like business card, image print, t-shirt print… These designs make your site different from any competitors, attracting viewers at the first sight. Also, right on front-end of the Web-to-print, a huge range of useful features are shown including: Reward Point, Price Matrix, SEO, ShopBranding, Product Presentation, Mobile and App, and Sale Promotion. They are directed to a B2C Web2Print, serving customers at any sights. Obviously, online purchase depends on the first feeling much. If your site is not attractive or impressive, does not make customers feel comfortable and effective when finding their product, you will lose the chance of sales, certainly. Therefore, front-end of your Printing site is very important for your successful business.

Besides, necessary tools for a Printing business like Online design Tool, Order Upload, Order Tracking, Payment & Invoice, and Help Desk are added to your Printing web-site. We want to ensure to give you basic features that are required a Web-to-Print fan. Online Design tool is one of the most high-technology and innovative module of our store. This will improve user-experience up to higher level, giving customers a chance to enjoy and have real experience of printing product as their style.

On setting up a Web-to-print site for your business, we supply smart Back-end with easy way to monitor your CRM, Marketing Optimization, Pattern and Design, Order Management, and Multi Vendor. In general, with this administration panel, you will do necessary changes at ease while the front-end properly works. As providing B2C solution, our idea is helpful for you to have management of Agency with Shipping, Inventory and Ware House. What’s more, Sale & Inventory Management, Stock Control and Stock Management are added to complete the Print business on E-commerce.

To be continued…

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