Product Submission Guide on Cmsmart Marketplace (Part 2)

product submission guide on cmsmart

In last Product Submission Guide (part 1), we’ve provided some useful information about one part of Submission process. This time we will continue to discuss about the rest of Product Submit Form which sellers should keep in mind carefully.

b. Description

Short description: this part displays brief product introduction which should not than 150 characters with space. It has to be clear, straight to the point, attract the reader and well described.

Description: say everything in detail about your product. This main product introduction will affect 50% of your sale, so it’s highly recommended to follow these tips:

Good description:

Remember to answer these questions:

  • Why shoppers need this product?
  • Why shop owners need to have this product?
  • Which functions of the product are BEST?
  • Which features of the product are better than others?
  • Which design element of product is most attractive?
  • Have product name, keyword, key phrase repeated.
Not Good description:
  • None related content – especially no meaning.
  • Talk too much about product feature, functions.
  • Does not explain the benefits for customers.
  • Does not explain why buyers need to buy the product.
  • Does not explain why the product is better than competitors.
  • Bad English, wrong grammar or messy content will result in rejection.

c. Changelog

Provide release date, any updates you’ve made on your product and make sure that new update information is certainly better than old version. Then click Save to finish information fulfillment.

But wait, the tab Zip Upload that requires you to drag and drop your main .zip files of product include: Code packages, Userguide and Images will appear right after that (all of files must be in .zip format). Make sure to finish this step before clicking Submit button.

After getting all steps above done, that means we’ve received your submitted product, then a careful review plan will be carried out. More information of assessment process is going to be discussed next time. Stay followed us to catch up the latest guide!

Thanks for reading!

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