Product Submission Guide on Cmsmart Marketplace (Part 1)

Product Submission Guide on Cmsmart

Congratulation! So now you’re already one important part of Seller Community on Cmsmart Marketplace. You may wonder how to submit your products at first time, where are tips to follow? This product submission guide will help you answer specifically.

After registering to become Seller, you will have access to Seller Menu including tabs of Seller Profile, Product Submit Form, Sales Report and List of product.

Let’s come to details for two important parts of Submission Guide are Seller Profile and Product Submit Form!

1. In Seller Profile, make sure to fulfill all required information about your business.

2. Product Submit Form:

a. Specifications

In Specifications tab of Product Submit Form, please keep in mind about these tips to make sure your information correct as our requirement.

Product name: 

  • Naming your private brand, such as Cmsmart, Magik, Magebuzz, SJ,…
  • Include keyword: Responsive theme, printing theme, flower theme,…
  • Include CMS name: Joomla template,¬†Virtuemart template, Magento theme, Magento extension,…
  • Not over 7 words for a product name.
  • or Matching product main feature, such as Virtuemart Frequently Bought Together Extension, Magento Advanced Inventory Extension,…

Choose the suitable product type (module, plugin, template) and Category (Magento Themes, Magento Extensions, Joomla Templates, Joomla Extensions,…)

Product Icon: used to display on listing page, the right size is 360px x 360px.

Product Banner: this main banner designed to catch the first impression of customers before coming to details of product. Make it clean, modern and attractive. The required size is 722px x 330px.

URL DEMO: We use our own pre-load frame to display your demo of product so please make sure to remove your own frame of URL Demo.

Continue to the second part of Submission Guide here!


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