Quality Customer Caring Service Strategy of Cmsmart Marketplace


You may have fallen in love with several companies which giving you best products and services throughout the years. Awesome, they have made a name for themselves by being remembered or even legendary in the world of customer service. These companies deeply care for their customers! Each brand is enclosed with its own stories, and in order to join this big world, our mission is to be qualified, valuable and close towards both our sellers and buyers, which we call Marketplace’s Caring Customer Service.

It is true to say if customer service is merely isolated to the people calling for help, we will never get 100% even how hard we strive. Understand that, here are five characteristics that are essential and you should always keep them in mind for caring customer service strategy.

Make Meaningful Connections

It’s encouraged to make thoughtful connections with our customers every time they need. While this action may lead to time – consuming, it will result in customers with much deeper connection to our brand.

Listen to Customers

It is same to learn how to care and listen to customer better. We are always careful in reading and responding to every piece of feedback that we have received to confirm with customers that their concerns will never be neglected

Page Discussion

It is considered that customers will believe the words of another customer than 100 sales. If customer can leave their comment or discuss about the product or service, it will raise not only the SEO but also the creditability of customers. Based on the understanding of that theory, in CMSmart, below each product we all have a discussion room for customer to review and reference and give them means to connect with other users. Customer having desire can read the former customers’ comment or raise their own questions for more detail.

With this page discussion service in our website, it not only builds trust for customers but also helps CMSmart to confirm our good product.

Ticket support system

In CMSmart, we also have a ticket support system. A ticket support system gives user the excellent management of many business fields including project document, billing, task, information exchange with vendors, partners, clients, meeting, campaign scheduling, data sharing. It is an excellent service system which support our products and create a long-term trust for customers. Moreover, the most unique and special is that: customers cannot find others places which have this wonderful support system.

Promote Caring Internal Customer Service

Everyone in our organization understands that while they may not interact with customers directly, they are likely serving someone who does.  All of these same caring customer service characteristics apply to them as well. Besides some of our promotion, it is important to save all customer related information privately in our system, do marketing for their products as well as making harder efforts in training staff, being more creative, social and helpful.

From above all, we never forget that the core of customer service is people serving people as well as put these characteristics to work when we serve and show people that we care both inside and outside of work.

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