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Cmsmart Marketplace begins our listing with Virtuemart & Magento templates and extensions since our beginning on 2012. During the time, we have been providing a great customer services and high quality products for over 15000 clients, many of them want us to provide more other CMS products like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal … and this lead to our decision to run a marketplace business.

The first CMS categories we decide to add into our marketplace is Joomla, the #1 Content Management System. Many of you assume that WordPress is # 1 for its popularity thanks to its volume of users base, however at this time no CMS have better niche extensions than Joomla, and in order to develop a strong website with good functions, Joomla is the best choice like Magento is for ecommercial project.

We chose Joomla to enlarge our marketplace listing, also because our deep knowledge in Virtuemart development for years and we know Joomla in details. Currently we have a high enquiry for Joomla templates and Joomla extensions and it will be great for Joomla developer to begin submitting your Joomla creative product for selling on Cmsmart Marketplace.

Uploading a Joomla template is normally easy as register account and submit product names, product introduction and template package. Normal submission process takes no more 2 business days while we preview the design’s aesthetic aspects, code quality and user guide documentation. The demo is stored on seller’s servers and just need to give us URL only. Pricing template is decided by our team of editor to ensure the market rate parity.

Now the step is for Cmsmart staff to re-fine the product introduction text, design an attractive banner and screenshot to better demonstrate the Joomla template. We will improve the SEO for template keywords which demonstrate the right user segmentation. Youtube videos also can be used to provide a thorough preview of the template. Many marketing channels and marketing tools will be used to promote your template to as much as possible.

Selling Joomla template on Cmsmart Marketplace can be considerably new experiment with most of Joomla developer when we provide a very easy change log update functions. Any time you update your Joomla template to new version, the system will automatically inform user who did buy the template in the past. This is feature that many sellers requested on other marketplace like Themeforest.

Now, just come to your profile in Cpanel on Cmsmart and begin to sell your Joomla templates today! Stay tuned!!!

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