Special Deal To Tribute Our Former Customers


Dear former customers,

Hope your business is doing well and your website is running very smooth. As a services and products supplier, we’d love to see the good results from your business as well as your satisfaction. Working with you for a long time and receiving many love and respect from you make us think deeply about what we should do for you immediately.

We would like to offer you 2 following choices and you should ONLY use one of them as a tribute to my beloved customers:

  1. 20% OFF for membership card of club. Click HERE to go this site. Your private code is: Magemember
  1. 20% OFF for your next order. Your private code is: Belovedcustomer

Time for this special program is only for you in this July 2015; therefore don’t lose your chance.

Enjoy and hope you are always our happy customers.

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