The Free Useful Online Tools For Every Business Owners


The startup companies often have a lot of work to be solved daily. To improve the work performance up to the maximum, they will need the support tools to help them optimize their work.

However, cost savings is very important for every startup company, so it’s time that the free online tools can help your business. Those tools will help you save the costs but still help to improve performance and simplify your work.

Here is a list of the favorite free online tools that the startup companies should know about.

1/ Google DocsSheets and Slides


This is the products of Google Company. With Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides you can create different kinds of online documents, you also can work on them in real time with other people, and store them in your Google Drive online. This is totally FREE.

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides allows you to access and work with your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations anywhere, anytime on internet. Moreover, there are some work allow you to do even without an internet connection.

Why business owners need it:

  • Easily to create and store documents, reports and presentations in the cloud.
  • You can save the files and using offline with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Easily to share and work in real time with other people.

Alternatives: Microsoft Office 365

2/ Buffer


Buffer is a great tool to sharing through social media; it is being used by 2+ million marketers and 2,500+ businesses and agencies over the world. Buffer provides many powerful features to help you easy to share information on social networks and also bring valuable analytics about how your social media campaigns are performing.

With businesses and agencies, buffer is a useful social media management. You can create schedule for posts, posting across various social networks, etc…

Why business owners need it:

  • Allows connecting and streamlining your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.
  • Create and schedule for tweets, posts and updates by various time options like: day, week or month…
  • Easily to track, analyze your social media campaigns with valuable reports.

Alternatives: HootSuiteSproutTweetDeck

3/ Zoho


Zoho is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software; it gives you “a 360-degree view of your complete sales cycle and pipeline. Identify trends, spot opportunities, increase efficiency, and reduce costs with the right answers”.

Zoho provide different plans for user from $12/user/month but it also have free plan for 10 users – forever.

Why business owners need it:

  • Storing and managing customer data, contact info, sales progress and social interactions
  • Automate your business activities so that you can focus on selling, not on maintaining data.
  • Communicate with customers via email, phone, chat, and social media from within your CRM account.

Alternatives: InsightlyAct

4/ Pixlr Editor


In marketplace, the professional design software like Adobe Photoshop can cost thousands of dollars. With many businesses, spend a thousands of dollars to buy a professional photo editing software is unnecessary. So, using the free online software like Pixlr Editor is a good solution.

Pixlr Editor allows to free editing, cropping, and design tools for digital photos and imagery. Pixlr has 3 versions: web-based, desktop and mobile with free cost. It’s an easy and great tool to create the beautiful images.

Why business owners need it:

  • Crop, resize, color correct, and retouch images
  • Enhance product photography by removing backgrounds and artifacts
  • Create professional-looking logos, artwork and even product mockups

Alternatives: GIMPSumopaintCanva

5/ Mint


Mint is a tool which helps the small business owners can manage and update their budgets and finances via smartphone, tablet anytime any where.

With Mint, you can connect and sync up with your online banking account and then you can get your financial data and keep tracking your data easily.

Why business owners need it:

  • Create budgets, receive alerts for unusual account charges, and get custom tips for reducing fees and saving money.
  • Gather all your financial information into one place, giving you the whole picture in a way that’s easy to understand and take advantage of.
  • Phone & tablet apps to manage your money from wherever you are.

Alternatives: ShoeboxedQuickenYNAB (You Need a Budget)Wave

6/ Evernote


Evernote is very famous application for notes. You can use Evernot for free with the basic plan. This is cloud-based software; it helps you easily manage the information everywhere.

With many powerful features like: keep track of notes, links, lists and photos, and acts as a shareable, cross-device hub of thoughts and ideas, etc… this is a very useful tool for businesses.

Why business owners need it:

  • Photograph and categorize inspiring or thought-provoking marketing ideas
  • Easy to use and keep tracking with the mobile devices.
  • Communicate, collaborate, and share in real-time with anyone in the world without ever leaving Evernote.

Alternatives: OneNoteGoogle DriveWunderlistTodoist

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