Top 5 Trends of Web UI design / Web layout in 2015

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Internet and technology are changing every day and every hour, web development is also changing and developing very fast. Annually, the new technology was released and thereby the trends in web development or web design also appeared. 2014 was an explosion year of flat design trend and in 2015 will certainly have a different web design trends will be crowned.

2015 is already half over, the professional website designers are still working; researching and creating new technologies, the new design style which gives the users get more and more amazing experience. In this article, I will talk about five trends in website design experts will assess the highlights in the second half of 2015 and even in 2016.

  1. Split screens

The split screen is appreciated because it helping presentation content by clearly, neatly and more intuitive. There are main reasons for the use of split screens:

  • The business have two important contents want to convey to users, the split screens will transmit all content at the same time and allows the user selected information from both.
  • The business wants to emphasize the content and presentation of information like photos, media, etc… in the other half at the same time. Example: a company wants to show the information, the images of their products or introduce their staffs. A clothes store would like to display a product’s image on the left and on the right is the detail of that product. Or a restaurant would like to show images of food and on the right are info of that food.

Example: is a website of a company operates in the office-sharing sector. We can see they have a layout which designed with “Split screens” style.

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The information is presented very neat, simple but look still very professional. Two equally important features in their service placed in two halves of the screen.

  1. Block grids

The content is divided into several blocks – symmetrical or asymmetrical. These blocks can be all the same size or different site and sorted by priority level. These blocks are designed to be flexible so that can change the size to display perfectly on all the resolution of the various devices.

An example: GREATS is a trading company of fashion shoes for men; they mainly sell through their website ( We can see the products catalog (images of their shoes) designed by the equal block because they are equally important.

Designer picture-2

  1. Container-Free Layouts

Use elements such as boxes, shapes, and lines to divide and contain content in a design that is the way the website designers used since the first day. An obvious example is most of the websites are designed header and footer sections to make up the blocks stand apart from the rest of the site.

But today, a new design trend that is eliminating all these elements, making the design becomes more free and open style. We can see the resemblance of this trend with the minimalist design style, though the minimalist design still used under the simple linear structure. With this Container-Free layouts trend, the designers can eliminate all of the basic structure, they will have more freedom in the design.

Example: FOREWORD ( is a great example of “Container-Free Layouts”. Only a few words to comment about this layout: “Simple” and “Professional”.

Designer picture-3

  1. Single screen layout

Single screen layout is a trend we have seen a lot in the first half of 2015; look at the websites which are designed with this style we can see that the site is presented by big background and responsive and integrated use scrolls to open-up the site.

Websites uses this layout often used a single image to show the brand/product/service, the purpose is to lead the focus of visitors on the content that website owners want to emphasize. If the pictures or videos are really beautiful and attractive, it will be a good impression effects and interesting for viewers.

A typical example of “Single screen layout”:

Designer picture-4

  1. Big backgrounds/parallax

Exactly as its name, the combination of big backgrounds and parallax features is a very interesting combination. A great big and suitable background will be impressed with the viewers, further parallax effect helps websites become smoother and more fluid. This is a design trend help your website become more minimalist but not lose the fun and absolutely it won’t make the viewers feel boring.

We can mention two examples:

Designer picture-5

This bold background does not distract from the foreground.

Designer picture-6

Another example, a very impressive design!


The trends mentioned above has been compiled from sources on the internet, which is the tendency may have been used on many websites but according to the analysis of the web designers then in the second half of 2015 certainly 5 trends of web UI design / web layout above will continue to grow. Hopefully, this article will help you be able to find a suitable layout for your website.

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