Trendy product video in Magento online shop (part 1)

product video in Magento shop

Product Video and E-commerce

One of the trendiest tools of e-commerce is Product Video. As you may know, for recent years, product video becomes an effective channel for web-owner to transfer their messages and guidance to their beloved customers. You will find a common truth in any textbook on marketing that One picture is better than a thousand words. However, the whole SEO experts tell you that One video is better than a thousand pictures and even thousands of words. A stark example of creating product videos for 4000 products of a UK promotional products company shows that:

  • A 100% increase in conversions from visitors watching videos
  • A 7.5% increase in overall conversions
  • SEO improvements

In general, according to sales reports of e-commerce, they realize the importance of product video in the following points:

  • Improving conversions up to 85%
  • Being used successfully by the top online retailers
  • Being educational and appeals to customers
  • Being popular with mobile users
  • Appeals to younger customers
  • Amazingly boost conversions by 160% conversion on certain pages
  • Caters to omnichannel shoppers, making visitors buy more products
  • Lead to increase sales and reducing returns
  • Being shareable via the whole social media channels
  • Reinvents the buyer’s guide

product video in Magento shop 1

How Product video is important for e-commerce

Producing quality videos for your e-business is not easy at all. You even have to dig a little deeper into those pockets at first; however the revenue will return more than your dream. This following report will show you how Product video becomes the most important tool for our e-commerce as now:

  • 75% visitors who watch Product videos will Buy

Product Video is the most trusted way for you to tell about your product. Customers are able to see, understand and know how to use them when seeing your product video. Thus, certainly, videos will do prompt more purchases. That’s really the biggest and most important statistic you need.

  • Video appears in 15% of Internet search results

The fact has shown that Google says video campaigns will soon be grouped just like any other ad through Adwords. That means videos might soon be even more likely to show up in Google searches.

More importantly, when customers search for products like yours, 15% of the results could very well be product video. It means that If you’ve lost this significant chance, you will lose your audience and sales.

  • If video isn’t available, almost 46% will showroom

As before, the showroom is the first option for sellers to introduce and promote their products. However,  showrooming has been seen as a bane of brick-and-mortar stores’ existence, but it can go the other direction, too. Customers have to drive to the nearest store to see the products in actions. This somehow makes you lose their purchase if they do not feel comfortable. Thus, instead of letting buyers leave your site for any reason, product video will help they can see your products in action, very real and exact and no inconvenient.

  • 58% of shoppers think Companies with Product Video can be trusted

It is because they are less surprised by products with video. Product video boosts their belief in your products and brand. By providing product video, you give customers quality information that doesn’t hide behind good angles and lighting. They understand the products that they’re ordering and be happier with their own purchases. With every great transaction, you are building up more and more trust.

To be continued…

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