Virtuemart Product Zoom Extensions – Which should be used?

Virtuemart Product Zoom Extension

Products with nice image and sharp in every pixel are among the most important things that online shops care about. With support of Zoom Image Extensions, shopping enhancement will be improved just thank to open source CMS technology – Virtuemart.

Here are three professional choices for gorgeous on-hover image zooming effects: Virtuemart Product Zoom Images from Cmsmart, Magic Zoom™ for VirtueMart, CVN Images Zoom for VirtueMart. Let’s compare some main key features of the three of them.


Points make Virtuemart Product Zoom Images different?

After research, install and use, we found out that Virtuemart Product Zoom Extension from Netbase has some remarkable points that will make you convinced.

  • Zoom product image when mouse over: If you have more than 3 additional pictures and there is no enough space to list them all, the thumbnail slider will helps you solve this issue. The additional pictures will be listed inside the slider and this slider comes FREE with the Zoom Effect.
  • Three zoom styles available: lens, window or inner and coming in two main zoom shapes: circle or square for your choice. This VirtueMart extension makes it easy to apply these effects to your pages. The thumbnails slider can auto play with speed specified.
  • Responsive layout will respond to the screen solution so that Virtuemart Product Zoom Images can make good performance on various devices.

By simply installing the Virtuemart Product Zoom Images in you will take your onine shop to the next level. Why don’t try LIVE DEMO at We’re sure you will love it!



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