What we expect from Virtuemart Ajax Seach Pro Module

If you are looking for the best tool that optimizes the search on your Virtuemart platform, Virtuemart Ajax Search Pro Module will be your No.1 option.

As you may know, for any eCommerce platforms search tool is highly considered to serve shoppers and helps them save much time when visiting your site. This is the main reason explaining why you can see many modules compatible with each platform for your eCommerce business. It is also true in case of Virtuemart platform.

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Is it necessary to install an optimization Search tool for your Virtuemart site?

Absolutely. As one of the latest trends of the eCommerce prediction of this year 2016; developers claim that Best User-Experience will be the main key for you to keep shoppers stay on your site and turn them into the loyal customers. In order to shop on any site quickly but effectively, everyone always intent to find the Search tool and get their wanted results. You invest to the Search Tool of your Virtuemart site means that you are getting user-experience better. Thus, when you install this module, you are keeping following the trend and continuously serve your customers in the most incredible way.


Virtuemart Ajax Search Pro Module insists its No1 position because it has a lot of outstanding features, making it stand out among any competitors’ products. Just take some minutes you will have an exact answer for this.


  • Keyword Search is the most effective way for customers to find out their items when surfing on your site. This module offers you this powerful tool with Ajax – an awesome technology. Thus, customers do not need to wait for the whole Virtuemart page to reload and see their results.
  • The keyword should obtain 3 characters and when shoppers add keyword to the search box, all products with the same keywords will be displayed in an order and have photo thumbnails as well as Prices.
  • You are totally able to set a number of search results to be shown in case your store has so many products in the same keywords.


What Ajax Search Pro module gives your customers?

  • Ability to find products based on Keyword Search easily
  • More time to shop your store because the NewAjax Empowered technology reduces the time to reload the whole Virtuemart page while showing the search results faster.


There are many options to select, why the last must be Virtuemart Ajax Search Pro Module? The outstanding features listed above answer this question. More importantly, this product is created and developed by CMSmart which provides a various number of high-quality products for Web-store owners and developers. With their product, you can make sure of the easy configuration as well as customization, let alone installation through the detailed documentation, Live Demo, Product Video and above all, the enthusiastic Customer Support of the professional team. Now, check the demo for your real experience.

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