What’s Hot From Magento 2 – Beta Version ?


Magento 2 is an exclusive ecommerce platform that has been designed in an extraordinary fashion to enable the developers use the next-generation Magento 2 platform to create pioneering and inventive solutions that will accelerate the growth ratios of merchandise of any organization.

Magento 2 – Beta version has made several striking enhancements which include achieving the following:

  1. Updated technology stack.
  2. Streamline the process of customization
  3. Simplification of external integrations
  4. Enable the process of installation and up-gradation become more simple
  5. Improve the performance of the platform
  6. Improve scalability
  7. Provision of better quality testing resources
  8. Provide proper and adequately knowledgeable documentation for users

Magento 2 – Beta version offers a wide array of services few of which include:

  1. Helps in bootstrapping and running web applications
  2. Creation of new product types and then its integration with Magento 2.
  3. Installation of sample code and merging it with Magento 2 codes.
  4. Magento CLI (Command Line Interface) which is a solid backend feature.
  5. Implementation of Object Oriented Programming language into Magento 2 to make it easier for developers to work

Basically, a few important steps that a developer has to follow here is to install Magento 2 first, then build the basic file structure, create a new module which will be an xml, then define the config files as required. This will be followed by verification of the module that you have created. At last you have to package the module.

Website interface can be changed easily by using LESS technology. Reason for choosing LESS over other pre-processors is because Magento 2 comes with internal compiler to compile CSS directly from PHP.

Basic necessities to install Magento include any of the browsing software: IE9, Mozilla Firefox or Chrome, Mac OS, Apple Safari Mobile for iPad and likely devices.

Magento 2 provides multiple services, changed from building technology to factory pattern, does not provide generated code, can pass attributes as objects and not as arrays and can be exposed as a web API. Magento 2 supports PHP and MySQL and also uses JQuery libraries.

Magento 2 comes with a pre-packaged series of test scripts and includes tests done for integration and other static environment. In a nutshell Magento 2 will bring together numerous audiences including developers, system administrators, installers, merchants and integrators into one common platform that will accelerate the growth of the organisation using it.

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