Where to sell WordPress Plugins?

where to sell wordpress plugins

So you’ve entered the wonderful world of WordPress development and built some plugins. Perhaps you have submitted them to the WordPress plugin directory for the wider community to use and benefit from. But you have been working hard, perfecting your code and one of your plugins solves a problem so well that you believe others would pay to use it.

That’s true. But there are plenty of sites out there willing to sell WordPress plugins for you and some are better than others. Different sites offer designers a larger cut of the proceeds or have more traffic to guarantee higher sales. If you’re into making WordPress plugins, you might wonder where to sell them, check out the list below to find a marketplace that fits with your goals.


Themeforest is the most popular theme marketplace on the web and probably the best place to sell WordPress plugins and themes online. The high traffic website is a guaranteed way to make some sales if you can get a theme approved (the standards are very high these days).



Cmsmart.net provides the best marketplace choice of quality add-ons, modules, plugins, templates, themes for well-known open sources like Joomla, Magento, WordPress, Virtuemart, Drupal… Becoming a seller to sell your creative templates and earn residual incomes.



If you’re looking to sell WordPress plugins, CodeCanyon is a good candidate for your products. It is another marketplace by Envato.  The quantity as quality of wordpress themes is variety and multi-form to enable to any oneline store built on wordpress platform.


WP Eden

WP Eden allows other to upload and sell WordPress themes and plugins on their growing marketplace. While WP Eden doesn’t have the scale of other marketplaces, it’s a good opportunity to create a new revenue stream for any developer selling themes and/or plugins.



ThemeSnap is a marketplace for WordPress and Drupal themes as well as html templates. Any theme designers should consider submitting their work to this marketplace where they can earn up to 75% commissions.


WP Shop

WP Shop also allows developers to submit free themes, so you could leverage the platform for additional distribution of your free themes as well.


As can be seen from above, WordPress developers have more opportunities than ever before to make money selling premium themes and plugins. Make the right choice and reach a new height for your business!

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