Magento is known as one of the best e-commerce platforms in the world with over  250,000 online stores and now, half of them are using Magento 2 and the rest also plan to migrate. Why? In 2015, when Magento 2 version was first released, it seemed not to be a good idea since that was an unstable version with lots of bugs. However, everything has changed rapidly when it can bring a wide range of benefits from the cleaner admin interface, boosted website performance to the enhanced customer experience. Now, let’s see 4 impacts if you don’t migrate Magento 1 to Magento 2:

1. No support for current Magento 1 website from Magento officials

Have you ever heard about “Magento 1 end of life”? It mentions to the announcement of Magento that they would no longer offer support for Magento 1 three years after the release of Magento 2 (in November 2015). It means that in November 2018, Magento probably freezes its support system for Magento 1 stores. Users are not too surprised because they all understand that it would happen sooner or later. Since November 2018, Magento 1 web owners cannot report their problems support system, they have to use Magento support services instead.

2. No security patches and enhancements released

Magento developers, now, have been putting all effort on Magento 2 development, it is easy to see that most of new and exciting development and enhancements are for Magento 2 such as Amazon Pay, Vertex, Klarna Payments to improve the payment and checkout process and over 200 bugs fixes. However, what we see in Magento 1 version? Besides, some minor security issues were solved by Magento Patches for Magento 1, since Magento 1 “end-of-life” was announced, nothing was updated.

3. Less help from Magento community

If you are return visitor or active contributor of Magento Community, you will find that the amount of topics and threads about Magento 2 has been increasing day by day while we can just find a few topics about Magento 1 with few views and concern. Magento community is huge with over 300,000 users but now, they focus more on Magento 2 development and instead of posting a new question on the forum and easily get help from the Magento experts and regular contributors as before, you now have to figure out the issue and try to fix it yourself.

4. Stay behind your competitors

A lot of Magento web owners already upgraded their website to Magento 2 version or at least they had planned and were ready to do. With the new powerful features of Magento 2, web owners can attract more customers easily with great shopping experience including fresh responsive and mobile-friendly design, faster page load and checkout, and Ajax add-to-cart function. Thus, with so stagnant and boring Magento 1 website, how can you defeat your rivals.