Hi There, I had a look at the Travel WordPress Theme for Travel Agency with Tour Booking System | Pandora Before we commit to buy, I have a few questions. our current website is www.jaglekker.co.za We do accommodation on hunting lodges in season and out of season,( for the south African market atm) later planning to open to the international market. Whereby potential, hunter ,families, corporate groups go onto jaglekker.co.za , see all available hunting lodges within , view animals prices and info in specific region or distance from his location and then book.... BUT our rates are set in different structures. EG. Cost per Hunter, Non-Hunter, Children 2-7, Children 8 - 12 etc. Will we be able to set these different price ranges under each individual hunting lodge ? as without this feature it wont work, as we have found with other themes on the market. Hope to get feedback soon. Regards Quintus Grobler Jaglekker.co.za