Hi there. I have spent quite a bit of time interacting with this theme and so far it is the best integration of wordpress with jomres I have seen. I was looking for a travel theme that has a good GUI and also integrates well with jomres because my current theme has totally failed to do so and the Leohatian theme that comes with jomres is not that feature-rich, for example better icons, a more flexible home page that does not necessarily start with listing the properties, etc. I have a few issue with Pandora though. Even though you say it is responsive my initial interaction did not yield such results. It does not seem to be retina ready, so one struggles to read text on a mobile phone. I was looking at it from a samsung galaxy and it was very difficult even clicking buttons and links. Secondly I wish the demo could allow interaction with the back-end to see how the various features of jomres are rendering and being implemented. That was a big problem with my earlier theme. The slider and the footer are a fantastic add but the rest of the content seems a bit too compressed and hence congested. Any chance of spreading the layout a bit? This theme currently appears to only support WP 4.7. Any chance a 4.9 will be done? Most theme developers do a fantastic job like this and then years down the line they abandon further improvements and leave customers hanging. That is the main reason I am shopping a for a new theme! I hope you can continue supporting this theme and keep making regular updates to it to make it even more awesome like for instance, add a Like button on the blog posts and include a feature to show post views. Lastly, does the purchase price include the Jomres license for all the 160+ plugins they have or this has to be purchased and maintained by Web owner separately? Otherwise I am looking forward to being your customer very soon. Really good work!