What are real differences? Does it matter?

Of course, these two methods cannot be the same, but there are still some people who said that printing is just the printing. No, not exactly. Let's look at two printing methods to get more details in terms of their differences to choose which will be the best choice for your next printing method. In this article, we will bring you the comparison as well as how Magento web to print benefits your business

Offset printing

Plates, which are usually made from aluminum, are used to transfer images required into a rubber blanket, then that image will be rolled in the paper. The reason why this method is called OFFSET PRINTING is that we do not transfer ink directly into paper. With orders that require huge quantity, accurate color and clean professional looking printing, offset printing is always the priority.


  • Printing for huge amount
  • The more you print, the cheaper price for each item
  • A large variety of paper types with custom finishes
  • Custom ink available such as such as metallic or Pantone colors
  • High printing quality, so great detail and color fidelity

Digital Printing

Unlike offset printing, plates are not used in digital printing, it uses liquid ink. The strength of digital printing is shown when low quantities are required, for example when customers order only 20 greeting cards or 50 flyers. Moreover, variable data capability is also a benefit of digital printing, which can be served by offset printing. If you are small and medium business or you usually serve orders that do not exceed the number of 500, digital printing is always the ideal choice for you.


  • Lower setup costs
  • only printing required amount
  • Lower minimum quantities
  • inexpensive black and white printing
  • Variable data capability

Whether Digital printing is suitable to your business and how Magento web to print benefits you?

It is undeniable that both methods are useful and have their own strengths depending closely on your project's requirements. If the amount reach the number of hundreds or thousands or orders require a specific, brand-centric Pantone color, we highly recommend you to choose offset printing. In case you work for smaller amount such as 100 pieces or the need for individual addresses, digital printing is the way to go. And if you choose digital printing, we suggest you to build your website with Magento web to print, a Magento template from Netbase team on Cmsmart. Let's see the benefits it bring to your site:

  • User-friendly interface: we are confident to affirm that your site will run at high speed and fully responsive
  • Ultimate responsive: there is no limitation for visitors who use difference devices, they can have the best experience on your site.
  • 10+ homepage layouts: with Online Design package for your printing company, you can control the theme, custom as many layouts as you wish.
  • Order upload: it is actually important extension that enables your customers to upload their own images to have product follow their styles.
  • Exclusive admin panel: You can custom color for header, footer, main menu, etc freely as you wish
  • Price matrix (you should buy it at price $79.99): it not only save time for your customers but also serves the printing providers on giving the best choice.
  • Many more benefits of Magento web to print theme are waiting for you to explore