Booking is easy with a smart booking application!

When it comes to the era of digital information, online transactions become highly preferred. It is valid when so many sectors take a great force and source to build a perfect online business system.

Especially tourism and such support fields as accommodation (hotel & restaurant) are usually searched online at a high rate. Hotel booking Joomla Component developed by JoomBooking meets that demand. The extension is a comprehensive application that can work with assorted subjects like manager, clients, agents…and provide a timely management tool for both corporate and individual.

- Convenience

For different subjects, Joomla booking shows separated effects. Thereby, when hotel manager use the extension, their businesses look more charming to customers.

- Hotel manager: be able to create and manage hotels worldwide, to edit the details of room like type, price, rank, rate, facilities…, to release marketing campaigns like coupon, discount.

- Permanent and Current Clients: be able to manage their accounts with booking history
- Agents: be able to book and receive discount for a bulk booking or group booking

- Notification and Management system

All information (number of room, room type, price, extra fees…) relating to booking once it’s been done successfully will be send automatically to hotel manager, customers, supplier, administrator…Administrator or hotel manager can also adjust the email template’s attributes so that make it easy to follow.

Management system allows user to control and edit their business with hotel, the status of room, order list, customer information, and marketing policies like coupon or discount in a table.

Besides, customers are able to get confirmation email or digital ticket in PDF file or report.

- Elegance and Responsive Design

At the first look, JoomBooking can be seen as a modern and elegance version with clear and bright space. Especially, the dashboard used for clients is displayed impressively with colorful graphic report that is totally inspiring for them.

In additional, the JoomBooking owns the responsive feature as an advantage that helps users to access the extension from different devices.

- Payment Module Support

Apart from default payment gateway (paypal…), user can use payment plug-in for other payment methods. And the payment gateway can be customized according to the demand.

JoomBooking presents exclusive features in appearance and configuration. It offers advanced management function (database configuration, information editing…) with the combination of HTML, CSS, JavaSrcript code. Hotel Booking Joomla component is considered as a multi-utility extension with minimal and simple design style that is now the vogue.