Despite of industry you are taking part in, customers are still the key aspect. The success will be evaluated by customer satisfaction and how much you can earn from them. Therefore, it is so important to maintain their trust in your online store. How? Let’s see this article, I will share you some useful tips:

  1. Be transparent

When operating an online web store, the physical presence will not exist. You just can approach and communicate customers on the Internet and the most effective channels would be social media and communities. One of the best ways to show your business honesty and transparency is easy understanding of terms and process. Let's take examples of answering those questions:

  • Is it easy for customers to cancel the orders?
  • Is the return policy clear enough and how the returned would be picked?
  • How long will it take to credit the refund amount?
  • Will an exchange be delivered for returning goods or not?

Generally, they are the criteria for customers to evaluate the transparence of your web store.

  1. Showcase videos

The videos should be used for both product description and testimonials. Text and images seem not to be enough to show how good your product could be. Let's give customers videos to offer customers the real feeling like they are touching it. One more thing is don't forget to apply video for review category. Video testimonial is the effective channel to build the trust. Despite how great you talk about your product, it cannot be value than a review, a compliment from former customers because it was written from the point of view of user, more objective. These reviews will help customers to strengthen their decision and know the real worth of the product.

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  1. Be reachable

According to the result revealed by the latest survey, 45% of visitors will make decision of purchasing if the website already has contact details in an approachable manner. Defective goods and returns are indispensable, might cause by objective reasons so it is so important to have easy return and refund policy if you want customers to trust your brand. How? Providing information in terms of email address, phone number, live chat, etc.

  1. Feedback and respond

Nothing is perfect and it is so crucial to understand what customers think about your website, what they really want when coming to your business. The feedback might give you some valuable suggestions that can act like a change-maker for your brand. From those suggestions, you can improve user experience (UX) on your site, remove the pain points and then increase the level of customer trust. When customers give you feedback, don't forget to respond them, at least, you should show them that you always highly appreciate their contribution and the response will engage and build relation between you and clients.

The last words,

Here are the 4 hacks build Customer Faith in your Ecommerce store, you might have more ideas for this topic, please leave comment in the box to share more experience.