Launching a new product perfectly is an extremely important task for a trader. Each product will have different forms and solutions. Depending on the characteristics, as well as customer intentions, financial issues, relationships, markets, and many other factors. To do this well requires developers to have a sweeping vision, professional skills, experience, good market research analysis ability.

More importantly, the sales website is a product that has some unique features different from other products (consumer products). It involves a lot of technical problems. Businessmen need to understand deeply the problem to optimize costs as well as the number of people approaching, the ability to convert. In this article, we are going deeper into the issue with websites for printing business, a hot industry in E-commerce business. There is a question " What is the most suitable solution for businesses to launch a printing website?" If the website is considered as a product, what differences does that product have? What is so special compared to other field ‘s products?

There will be many questions, many issues around this topic. Join with us, CMSMart to looks for the answers in the following article.

Who is the customer of the print website?

Characteristics of a printing website that you need to know before deploying the product launch plan. The printing industry is currently developing extremely strongly and owning a sales website will be a must if you want to do long-term business. Reading until here, many people will ask how to build a printing website? Please refer to the following article:

And I will also share with you some examples of website that provide the printing service in order to make it easier for you to visualize and understand: Printshop Magento Theme, WordPress printshop online design

Due to today's main topic is how to choose the best solution for launching a printing website, identifying potential customers is extremely important. If you do business without knowing who your customers are, 99% you will fail. So who will need to use your printing website?

Provider of printing solutions: They are the owners of large printing businesses, and they need a website to manage their stores, sell their products,…
Printing agent: They provide online and customized quotes, doing outsourcing work with supplier management.
Factory management: Manage users and departments with ready templates, role-based access, and automatic job boards.
Brand manufacturer: they provide their own brand with exclusive themes and they also customize marketing assets while retaining brand value.
Designers and commercial printers: they partner with designers and hundreds of printers in many countries, offering commissions and storefronts with.
Printer sign: Provides templates ready for personal organizations and also customized on-demand with the best deals.

The best solution for launching a printing website

Back to the main issue of today on how to introduce a printed website to customers. Basically, for general products and services, there will be 2 ways to promote: Online and Offline. For each solution, there will be many smaller introduction methods.  And for each small introduction method, there will be more specific processes and steps. However, you cannot apply it all to your products. Therefore, you and us, Cmsmart can sit down to analyze and find the best answer for your business. In the following content, Let’s find the answer to this problem together.

1. Offline marketing solution

As you know, the product here is a website, it is not like consumer products such as cosmetics, food, clothing... The customers are special and also the nature of the product is. It is about technical, machinery, specifications ... which requires users to have sufficient and relevant knowledge.

If using an offline solution, it is almost suitable only for organizations with large to very large scale, which can be implemented. Especially, to hold a product launch seminar or workshop will need to invite experienced experts who guide throughout the program and that person will have to be extremely knowledgeable about the product. Not only that, there will be also a team of product experts to answer questions from the audience. A lot of other factors. One more important thing is that before organizing this seminar you will have to run a marketing campaign to introduce the seminar to attract the viewer’s attention and care about it. Let’s take a simple example: The launching seminar about new version of Apple iPhone: XS max. Could you guess how much it would cost to organize such a meeting? Analysis yourself and you will know whether this solution is suitable or not?

In Offline marketing, there are many other forms such as: a Market survey (Leaving leaflets), hanging banners, billboards… The downside is that an outdoor billboard, no matter how big it is or is eye-catching, customers can only glance at less than 3 seconds while the clean money is huge. Advertising on mobile vehicles, running on led lights, at the airport or elevator tables does not really suit the product as a website. Let's put yourselves in the user's position before they decide to buy a technology product they will need to experience and try to see how it works, Is it good? is the configuration powerful and intelligent? Is payment gateway, security issues okay? ... Meanwhile, offline marketing solution will not meet the "hand-to-hand eye" factor like Online marketing. Thus, the access will be ineffective but also costly.

2. Online marketing solution

The answer to the problem "how to choose the best solution for launching a printing website" is the form of Online Marketing. Yes, in online marketing there are many ways for businesses to apply. That is running Google ads, advertising on social networks, email marketing, SMS marketing for potential customers, Implement SEO (search engine optimization) website, Distribution via e-commerce sites, affiliate marketing ... These are some solutions that bring high efficiency if your business has a good deployment plan.

The combination of traditional and modern marketing methods is also very suitable for small and medium sources of books. The number of customers who can reach will be huge. Based on your target audience to determine the specific method. The most important thing is to analyze the behavior of customer preferences, the location where they frequently go, what are they interested in? What do they ask about a printing website? If you want to do business successfully, you must understand your customers.

In general, each solution will have certain benefits, whether or not it depends on many factors. And the choice of any solution will depend on many aspects: experience, scale, economic finance, time ... Hope the article brings many useful things for those who are having the same questions about "How to choose the best solution for launching a printing website". Good luck!

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