How to take care of your ecommerce website?

How to take care of your e-Commerce website (part 1) which is the starter for this topic has been loved by many readers. Continue the previous article, today I will take you to the topic “How does the website stability take effect on the company business performance”. In this article, I will prove it with a simple example: If you are a customer that visited some websites and faced many uncomfortable problems and had a bad experience, do you still want to comeback? Of course not. Moreover, a bad place cannot keep us for a long time. Accidentally you have missed a number of potential customers. To avoid that, after our experts spent a long time on research and developing, Cmsmart has provided some solutions for that problem. Make sure you read until the end of this article because we will give very useful tips.

5. Optimize and monitor your database

This is the absolutely correct answer to the question how to take care of your E-Commerce website. As you know, the storage capacity of the database system affects pretty much on the website performance. Unfortunately, every E-commerce websites has large numbers of individual product pages with high-quality pictures to describe products which surely will take much more space than other. The only solution for this problem is to optimize and reduce the size of the database without losing any functionality.

Moreover, some E-commerce websites will include many plugins or extensions which was customized to fit the shop owner needs. Some powerful E-commerce websites for the printing industry are: WordPress PrintStore, Magento web to print.

In that case, experts and website developers should regularly review all plugins/extensions installed, especially the customized plugins/extensions. They could be configured improperly and the result is too many miscellaneous data are stored on your website server. It’s one of the frustrating reasons why your website speed is slow.

6. Upgrade to the latest PHP

Programming language theory is the soul of a website. Like website plugins, it need to be optimize regularly to enhance your website performance. PHP is the most popular programming language theory. WordPress and WooCommerce are built on JavaScript and (especially) PHP.

Your website will be at the most secure and efficient status when the operating system is running the latest version. So always remember to upgrade your website to the latest PHP to avoid risks.

Note that you should test the compatibility before update PHP programming language on your WordPress site. It could be corrupted if only one plugin is incompatible.

7. Follow Woo's development best practices

One of the biggest advantages of WooCommerce is that you can extend your E-commerce website by with additional modules and integrating additional WordPress plugins.

Sometimes you will need a completely customized solution which is more economic and effective in managing and using existing WooCommerce solutions. Developers should follow the latest practices to control the customized plugins. If the developer make customizations on the plugin, it may affect future updates. When a new update is released for a plugin or theme, conflicts can be occurred so that the plugin cannot work properly.

Sadly, not all developers are aware of this problem. They change the plugin functions by making the customization without caring about the update in the future. This is a common cause of maintenance issues on the WooCommerce website.

Hopefully, with the above suggestions, your website will become more stable. Do not let the basics affect the overall operation of the site. If you have any question please send here. We, Cmsmart team is willing to help you. Good luck!

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