Insecurity are created with different comments. Honestly, I have the feeling the last version or lastest version are not stable as they should. We are planning to buy the product but now we honestly think it is better to wait until make sure your company show capacity to provide support and deliver a stable product as it is necessary for business tasks. This is not a game, we are not beta testers. I hope you understand we need you to provide a service and it is necessary to work with stable and strong versions. We appreciate and have no problem about your innovation but it should be kept and tested aside until you have tested  the product in the right way. The best option for your company Cmsmart would be to submit an official comunication about the different issues there seems to be with some versions.

We note also gaps in technical business staff to be able to provide support with certain sense when the questions are technical questions, take it as a constructive feedback to improve yourself.

We like the plugin, it looks nice but we are worried about the final decision.

Support is critical as well about all when are related to critical situations of functionalities.

That is my view, I hope you understand.