Just in about a decade, e-commerce has matured rapidly, if you want to exist and develop in that environment, you cannot be a child forever, you also need to grow up. Throwing all out of date methods, uneducated or gut-driven decisions away and forget them, all you need is considering more about conversion rate because it relates directly to your competitive advantages and sale revenue, it is the core metric, you can use it to measure your business profitability. By tracking the conversion rate, you could recognize something that isn't working to fix them and give the predict for your future success. However, there are a lot of online business owners have trouble with conversion rate and the main reason comes from cart abandonment issue. In this article, we will mention two Virtuemart and Magento extension that can help you overcome the difficulties and improve your conversion rate as follow:

One page checkout for Virtuemart

Some special features for you:

  • Customizing CSS, Jquery, Jquery, Ajax icon in the frontend
  • Providing Visual Editors with Unlimited colors and layouts, Anti-Spam
  • Embed blocks which contain HTML and banner into OPC interface (in the visual editor)
  • Integrating multiple languages in OPC such as Spanish, English, French, Russian, German, Dutch, etc.
  • Improving register function
  • Totally responsive
  • Compatible with products supporting the coupon code.
  • Compatible with Virtuemart payments; shipment and the third parties.
  • Arranging Billing info and shipment address in order of display.
  • Compatible with any browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari, etc.

Responsive Magento One step Checkout Extension

Here is features checklist

  • Ultimately responsive design
  • Only one step checkout
  • Checkout form contains 3 styles
  • Completing address automatically
  • Supporting multiple payment methods such as Paypal, Sagepay or Credit card
  • Managing a variety of files in the backend
  • Sending to the different shipping address
  • Setting up delivering time and date in the admin panel
  • Displaying product images, the icon to remove the product and 2 buttons to change the quantity in the checkout process.