Hi Team

I have been testing your product online product designer for a while, overall i love this plugin which is

great for my printing website, but there are a lot issues when actually using it.


1. design page issue

in the template select panel the preview for each of template created by me can not display the customized preview thumbnail like the demo shows on your website (refer your business demo product)

2. printing option issue (this is no bulk variation option, which is combined price if you have more than 1 option)


there are also some variations i want to make to be suitable for my website and products, i will need to require a assistant to do this for me, but i found it's very hard to communicate thru email, ticket for a bit more complicated requirement, also it takes very long to reply, sometime the technician could not fully understand.

for example it took me 1-2 hours to write the message with some screenshot to help explain and waited for 1-2 days, then got an reply with one sentence that said "have you solve the problem?", i just went crazy, this is completely wasting of time, the communication and efficiency is the biggest problem for me to require for any amendment, I am happy to pay for the extra customization on my website, but need a better communication tool like skype, phone........ which I can talk instantly, this will save heap amount of time for you and me also avoiding misunderstanding.


Looking forward to your reply