Price calculating is generally not a too-complicated task for shop owner before so it does not require a complex tool for implementing. However, the multi-items business has flourished resulting in the demand on a smart calculator which can group a set of different attributes of product into available orders for customers. Magento Price Matrix from CMSmart can totally do this for your website.

Magento Price Matrix Extension runs as an electrical calculator with algorithm which is able to process the complex data to give out the final results as full orders for clients to choose.

“Quantity Discount Price”

The distinctive feature from Price Matrix Extension is to calculate discount price for the large number of matches among quantity, color, size, type…. Users can add attributes and price per item, then the result will be given out automatically and shown clearly in a table of price. Also, this table can be managed flexibly by “drag or drop” action to structure.

Easy Approach

You will see a table in front-end that present a lot of choices of price. Customer searches for their particular requirements that are already transformed into price. In each of box, the price components will be explained by hovering over the boxes and see pop-up windows. It is therefore easier for client to follow the table in case of various matches created.

Specialized for Printing Industry

The featured Price Matrix is specialized for printing industry owning to the ability to provide different results in a clear and understandable manner.

Easy configuration

Set up easily, change easily, custom easily is guaranteed via a simple and short guiding documents and design. In back-end, the Price Matrix allows changing color, direction, setting up number and data for attributes, adding unlimited attributes for a product. More importantly, it is can be previewed before saving and closing so client can control what is shown in front-end before displaying publicly it.

It can be seen that Magento Price Matrix especially fit to online markets with a lot of seasonal discount policies. The special feature from Price Matrix helps to shorten procedures and traditional steps to synthesize a list of particular data that maybe not presented logically if it is calculated manually. Also, this extension can increase customer’s interest and reduce time spent for calculating manually. Therefore, it is entirely an useful stuff for a multi-goods and services store.