Along with the explosion of information technology industry, trading online become the hot and big trend and the volume of online shopping seems to increase dramatically every hour. Most of business owners who are sensitive with even smallest change of market realize that E-commerce trading is fertilized but fiercely competitive market. And among that crowd of shop owners, if you desire to gain a piece of that profit cake, it is suggested that you should own a great website with a stunning website interface to catch customers’ first sight and each item or detail displayed in convenient and attractive ways.

To make your visitors become customers, we are glad to offer you a secret weapon called Magento Product Video Extension . We design it because we understand that videos is the combination of great characteristics from images and content and the truth proves that 80% of users remember the videos they watch and 64% total of customers tend to buy a product after watching a video.

In comparison to the old version, here are the newest and hottest features as well as the benefits it brings to you:


- Integrating YouTube API usage, Rating video, Multi-display types (images and videos), Zoom plugin with some styles such as: 1, 2, 4, 6
- Uploading Video from front-end
- Managing all videos in back end
- Allowing to upload video from other direct link : Dailymotion and Twitch
- Adding or uploading multi-videos and images
- 100% open code
- Approving video upload in Pending Video
- Compatible with Magento CE 1.7x – 1.9x
- Cross-browsers compatibility


- Expanding reach of customers as supports different source of videos such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or Twitch and local video files (mp4, mpg, flv). The problems about kind of video will never appear.

- Tons of time can be saved because Admin can add new video in back-end or choose one or more type of customers to upload video directly on front-end.

- The video about product will be available on both your store and Youtube; therefore, shop owners can take full advantages of this fastest growing social network.

- Shop owner will allows any types of customer to upload video on front-end and approve content before displaying.

- The more your videos are rated, the more you can build credibility.

- The website will appear with professional an sophisticated interface thanks to 7 available types to display videos and images.

- All products video will be classified in menu named “All Videos” of “Product Video Pro” or it is also managed separately in specific product. And if it is necessary, you can add product descriptions for each product video.

- Regardless of browsers visitors use (fire-fox, chrome, IE, safari or opera), the website still support

- Shop owners can approve all videos uploaded from front end in menu “Pending Videos” before deciding to display.

- You can add multi-videos and images to describe for products in your website and customers just need to click Play button and enjoy.